An effect of working as an executive protection agent is crossing paths with the extremely wealthy and famous.

A good executive protection agent will not care much about this aspect of the job. After all, they are there to ensure their client is kept safe at all the times and to stay aware of their surroundings.

If any Executive Protection Agent has 80,000 followers on Social Media. Call us to reveal they are probably fake followers.

However, some executive protection agents do not understand how crucial their job is and do not take it seriously. This can lead to huge security risks to the client’s safety and home. Why are some protection agents like this? Social media can be the unlikely culprit that is to blame.

You might come across an executive protection agent on Instagram who is boasting 80,000 followers and posting constantly about their job and clients. Not only can this be dangerous, but it is probably fake too!

An executive protection agent who cares more about their paid for follower count and looking famous is not worth a wise investment. Professional lines will get blurred, they will not take their job seriously, and they may even be using their clients to leverage attention and fame.

You do not want this type of individual to be your protection agent. They are the ones that give the industry a bad name.  You can keep yourself far safer by choosing a more effective type of security team.

Want to know how you can tell whether an executive protection agent has fake followers on social media? You can call us and we will tell you. You can also look out for some of the telltale signs that we will tell you about here.

Signs of Fake Followers

These common signs of fake followers on Instagram will help you realize when an executive protection agent has a fake following on social media. This can help you figure out if they are taking their job seriously or if they just want attention and fame.

First, you need to look at engagement levels. It does not matter how many followers someone has if their posts are not being engaged with. At the very least, you should check that someone’s posts are engaged with by around ten percent of their audience most of the time.

This indicates a normal level of engagement. If not even ten percent of someone’s audience is liking or commenting on their social media, then it is almost certain that the followers are fake and have been bought.

Then, look at the profiles. A lot of people are wowed by a high follower count and think this makes someone legitimate. However, just spend five to ten minutes going through an individual’s followers and you will discover that many are fake.

Check out both profile pictures and the content they post. Many fake accounts have no content or followers of their own. These accounts have been created especially to follow people but there is no real person behind the account.

You might wonder why it matters if an executive protection agent is buying followers and thinks that this will not affect his ability to do his job.

However, you want to be able to trust your protection agent with your life. This means having an honest agent who does not care about fame or attention and will make your life his only priority. Keep reading to find out exactly why you don’t want a fame-hungry executive protection agent.  Real executive protection agents are not out to become famous.  They want to blend in and be behind the scenes planning to protect you.

Why You Don’t Want a Fame-Hungry Protection Agent

Many high-profile and rich individuals make the mistake of thinking that their security agent should be well-known or recognizable, either because they are very large and imposing or maybe because they are semi-famous themselves.

Some celebrities and clients even begin to have friendships and romantic relationships with their agents, which is not a good idea. It blurs the professional boundaries and will distract your protection agent.

If you have an executive protection agent who is making it a priority to have a large, fake social media following, then chances are they care more about the social ladder than your personal safety.

These individuals also often tend to be flashy and care about standing out in public. You do not want this. You want a protection agent who is high-skilled from hundreds if not thousands of hours of training and will do anything to keep you safe. There is no need for a flashy agent who just wants the attention for themselves.

What You Want in an Executive Protection Agent

Like we said before, the only thing that really matters when it comes to an executive protection agent is training, skill, and dedication. This type of agent will likely not even have a social media presence but prefer to stay under the radar and private.

Privacy is of key importance to high-profile celebrities, executives, and billionaires. A good executive protection agent will never encroach on their client’s privacy or try to profit off their fame.

When you engage a protection agency to help keep you, your family, and your property safe and secure, you should never ask for the flashiest or biggest protection agent.

You should choose a protection agent who has had years in the field, knows exactly what they are doing, and regularly trains up their skills so as to always be at the top of their game.

If you think that your potential protection agent has fake followers on their Instagram or other social media account, this is a huge waving red flag. You can call us to investigate and inform you whether they are real or not, or simply opt for a subtle, effective security team who does not care about social media followers or being in the spotlight.

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