Being a member of an executive protection agency means that you have a responsibility to protect your clients and the dynamic lifestyles that they live. This is a huge  undertaking that requires the best training and equipment available in order to keep all of their high-profile clients safe and protected from all kinds of risks and threats. 

Landed Elites: Unacceptable Behavior for Executive Protective Agents

Protection is also about having the right conduct, ensuring that you commit to your mission and never deviating from it. Over the past few years, there have been many cases of private security compromising the safety of their clients and themselves. This is unacceptable in the security industry, which is why agencies ensure that they only choose agents that can uphold their goals of providing safety and security globally.

Professional Conduct

To ensure that their agents follow strict protocols, private security agencies make sure that professional conduct is practiced at all times. Coming from backgrounds such as the Secret Service and military protection, security agents should know the importance of following a strict code of conduct, helping establish a professional relationship with their clients, and ensuring their protection.

While some clients would look to learn more about the agency and personnel, it is important to educate them about all the protocols that must be followed. For example, confidential and non-disclosure agreements must be settled to prevent sensitive information from spreading. Educating the client on security measures, equipment, and protocols will enable them to learn how to work alongside them, ensuring that they can go about their daily activities with little-to-no hassle.

Agents must also learn about their clients. Knowing more about their daily activities and actions allows them to adjust and adapt their strategies to make sure that everyone is safe at all times. This information is helpful, as knowing important information about the client ensures that agents will promptly respond to any actions outside of what was told to them. Knowledge and professionalism are important in this industry, which is why practicing them is always a must.


The term “bodyguard” is something that is seen as negative in the security industry. This term tends to refer to unskilled personnel hired for protection. There have been many instances in which these kinds of untrained security personnel have caused more harm to their clients instead of keeping them safe. For security agencies like ours, we prefer the term executive protection agent.

This indicates that our personnel are trained professionals that know how to get the job done. We want to make sure that we stick to our agency’s goal and mission of providing safety and preventing any risks or threats from happening in the first place. Make sure that you only pick the best people for the job, and choose a professional agency that has the credentials, equipment, and experience.

Chasing the Spotlight

One of the many mistakes that many security personnel make is to share information about their activities on social media. On platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you will see some agents flaunting the lavish lifestyles they experience with their clients. This includes flaunting money that they have received, staying in lavish homes with their clients, or showing off something expensive that they just brought.

While this is something that many people regularly see and talk about on social media, sharing any information about security agents and their clients is prohibited, as it can compromise the safety of the agency and the clients.

There have been many cases in which unprofessional and unbecoming conduct has compromised the safety of a client. With threats like cyberattacks, abductions, and other criminal activity, it is important to prevent these scenarios from happening in the first place. Agents must be preventive, and avoid doing anything that can cause lapses in their security.

While an agency’s clients can be stars and icons, an agent’s job is to do their best when turning the spotlight away from them and staying committed to their mission of providing safety and security.

Compromised Security

When it comes to compromising security, agents trying to become “stars” in their own right makes things worse for their clientele. These actions in which agents chase the spotlight that their clients are on are unacceptable. Giving any form of accessible information will only lead to more risks and threats.

Private security is meant to keep people safe, and not cause more danger. The worst thing a security agency can do  is to cause more risks to their clients. Agents are tasked with providing a comprehensive security plan, and any action from them that can put a wrench in those plans must be avoided.

As for potential violators to this rule: rest assured that we have sophisticated software available that regularly monitors various social media sites. On Instagram alone, we have the capability to weed them out and check if they have been contacting or buying followers in their bid for superstardom.

Key Takeaway

Executive protection is all about keeping clients safe by setting up proper preventive strategies and protocols. By following these procedures, high-profile clients can ensure that their lifestyles would remain safe and protected.

There are times when some agents and agencies commit missteps, compromising safety and unprofessional conduct. Agencies must remain professional and maintain a proper relationship between their clients in order to provide the best security available.

Trying to be a fake star is not the job of a security agent; keeping the stars safe while under the spotlight is.

Protect Your World

Security is one of the biggest challenges in the world today, as many kinds of threats have emerged over the past few years. With so many risks present for high-profile clientele, choosing the best executive protection agents provides you with what you need.

Look no further than choosing the World Protection Group for your security needs. We have 5000 agents with backgrounds in the Secret Service and military protection, and have access to the latest equipment available.

With offices located in the United States, China, and Mexico, WPG ensures that we can protect our clients globally. Our clients come from different high-profile backgrounds, and we can say that our agency has never done something that has harmed or caused embarrassment to them.

Personal security is  of great importance to us, and we’d only want our clients to feel safe at all times and keep them free from any threats that might come their way.

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