Commercial security is usually given a lower priority compared to home security and automotive security, partly because the former is a bit more complicated compared to the two.

People also tend to put other things over commercial security first. When it comes to commercial property and businesses, there’s a lot to account for and more considerations to be weighed. There are numerous factors to consider even if the security is just for a small business.

This makes business owners more vulnerable in terms of the security of their commercial property. As a sensible business owner, you need to place more priority in ensuring commercial security.

Identifying Office Security Threats

When discussing commercial and building security threats, it’s important to analyze and address all the weak spots first, as even small businesses can have these faults. This is why it’s crucial to zero in on your vulnerabilities and meet them head on to resolve this successfully. Office security primarily involves conducting audits to be able to take on and resolve potential threats.

There are two types of office security threats: internal and external.

Internal Office Security Threats

  • Employee theft – This one is very common. In fact, lots of companies face this threat on a daily basis. Employees have more access to your commercial property compared to anyone, so the key is to make sure they’re not putting your business at risk. Sadly, there are companies that are still clueless about the potential threat their workers bring to commercial security.
  • Negligence – This is another internal threat that’s usually overlooked because let’s face it, no one wants to admit negligence. It’s a two-way street really, as both employer and employee can become negligent and both parties need to ensure that they’re always on alert to minimize office security threats.
  • Lack of security training – Security maintenance garners much more attention than security training, which shouldn’t be the case because these two go hand-in-hand. It’s important that all employees are informed about security protocols in order to avoid or eliminate weak links. A solid security plan in the office will be useless if the employees don’t know how to carry it out properly.

External Office Security Threats

  • Vulnerable locks – Using the right locks is crucial to protect your physical premises from possible threats. It should be maintained properly as well, as poorly maintained ones are more vulnerable to damage, which ultimately endangers building security.
  • Lack of equipment security – As business assets, equipment should be properly secured when they’re kept in your commercial property. This applies especially to equipment that can’t be stored inside, such as big power tools and company vehicles. There should be a business security solution made for equipment that’s stored outside.
  • Lack of perimeter security – The perimeter of your commercial building is your first line of defense. This is why perimeter security is crucial. If your nearby surroundings are not secured enough, then everything else in your property can be at risk.

Threat assessment is a serious matter and should be carried out by the best people in the business. The agents at the World Protection Group have years of extensive experience identifying and studying threats. From here, our agents come up with the best security plan that will combat these vulnerabilities and put your mind at ease.

Measures to Protect Your Commercial Property

After you’ve identified the flaws and vulnerabilities of your commercial property, it’s time to put in the work to correct them.

  • Put a premium on risk assessment – This involves spending lots of time evaluating your company, identifying weak points, and knowing how to rectify them. It’s crucial that you conduct a risk assessment that’s tailored to your business.
  • Create maintenance schedules – Proper maintenance is a must for everything, even the best commercial security plans. In order to do this, you need to implement maintenance schedules. This should be carried out consistently and both employer and employee should be actively involved in it.
  • Conduct security audits – This is similar to risk assessment, only in this time, things are narrowed down and are focused more on the security aspect. When conducting a security audit, it’s important to observe more closely the way in which your existing measures react to certain threats.
  • Install surveillance cameras – A security camera is an essential investment for companies, big or small. It should be installed all over the premises to monitor movements and anticipate threats effectively. Also, having a security camera makes it easier to identify and track down people—customers and employees alike—who are responsible for illegal activities.
  • Prioritize security training – They often say that “you’re only as strong as your weakest link.” This statement stresses the importance of employees being informed about business security protocols. It’ll teach them how to avoid committing actions that can put your commercial property and building security in jeopardy. Training should involve all people in the organization, from executives to security guards.

It’s always crucial to get the best security training there is to eliminate all sorts of threat to your business. Thankfully, the World Protection Group has the right kind of people for the job. Our trained executive protection agents are experts not just at providing bodily protection, but also in creating and implementing a more personalized security plan for their clients.

Protect Your Property, Protect Your Business

Commercial security is indeed complex, which is why you need the expertise of people who have spent years on risk vulnerability assessment and threat investigations.

Our WPG agents can help you create the kind of commercial security plan tailored for your company. So to receive a treatment strategy designed to support your objectives, processes, and activities, be sure to contact the World Protection Group today.

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