High net worth individuals and businessmen traveling out of the US need to know about the country in which they are traveling. Many travelers wonder if Mexico is safe. Back in November, there were murders of nine Americans, each gunned down in a remote region.

In 2018, Mexico had the highest number of homicides in the history of the country, averaging around 91 deaths a day. 2020 will most likely break that record. With drug cartels and criminals, Mexico is one of the most dangerous places for businessmen and high net worth individuals to travel to.

If you’re a high net worth individual planning a trip to Mexico, it’s absolutely crucial you hire personal security services before making your trip.

Potential Threats and Hazard When Traveling to Mexico

Like traveling anywhere, there are potential threats high net worth individuals face. However, this is tenfold in a place where we know about the dangers.


It’s always critical to know about the potential for violence when traveling to Mexico. You’ll need a full intelligence report to help you understand what situations you might be put in. These reports will uncover crime and other possibilities, like civil unrest.

Civil Unrest

Civil unrest can mean anything from peaceful protest to violence, and it can happen in any country. However, you’ll need to find out what possibility of civil unrest there is in Mexico during the time you’ll be traveling.

Kidnapping and Extortion

If you’re traveling without a security team with your family or alone, you could be a target for kidnapping. Typically, criminals will go after your loved ones so that they can extort money out of you.

However, if you’re traveling alone, you could be kidnapped and your family back in the US could be extorted.

High-Level Crimes

Kidnapping is already a high-level crime. However, there are other crimes that you can fall victim to when traveling to Mexico.

You could potentially be a victim of theft. Criminals may know where you are and where you’re going and where you’re staying. This allows them to monitor your whereabouts easily and steal from you.

Why Hire Executive Protection When Traveling to Mexico?

More Than a Bodyguard

While having a bodyguard in Mexico may seem like a brilliant idea, you need more security than just a man who knows how to fight. You’ll need an experienced team who has done their research and learned about the area, including planning any possible escape routes should the need come up.

Bodyguards focus solely on the physical protection aspect of the job. However, executive protection agents go above and beyond to make sure their clients are safe and comfortable.

Encrypted Communication

Encrypted communication will ensure that a high net worth individual’s communication and location stay private while they’re in Mexico. This is another service that an executive protection firm can provide you that a bodyguard cannot. With encrypted communication, you can still email and text, but without any of the conversations linking back to you. That means that no individuals with bad intentions can crack into your phone and email and steal valuable information.

This is especially critical for businessmen who must carry valuable information in their emails and phones. Even a person with mediocre hacking skills can find out how to break into your accounts and use information against you.

Soft Skills

When many people think of executive protection, they think of bodyguards who only protect their clients from physical, bodily harm. However, those skills are rarely ever used. Most of the executive protection comes in the form of soft skills that are necessary to provide a balance. Anticipating a client’s needs and delivering quality customer service will better ensure their protection.

Other Skills

Executive protection agents have Emergency Medical Training to protect our clients’ lives completely. We know that these skills are crucial. Believe it or not, they’re used more often than a gun or martial arts.

While agents do have these skills, EMT skills help us protect and save lives. Medical skills are especially valuable if the client has a history of health concerns.

When heading to Mexico, it’s important to hire an executive protection firm that dots their I’s and crosses their t’s. Your safety and security are about more than protecting you from physical harm; it’s about offering you complete protection from criminals and those with bad intentions.

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