In Los Angeles and across the United States, there is an anti-police culture that is really affecting significant cities throughout the country. This has made it very difficult for police to do their job effectively and without worrying about unfair repercussions. Additionally, many police departments need help to recruit new officers because many people are avoiding their careers due to bad public perception. During this time, many police departments have faced severe funding cuts and resource restrictions. This has seriously undermined the police from doing their duties and even being able to respond to distress calls.

Not supporting the police and trying to find reasons to go against them when there are use-of-force or deadly-force issues has caused many officers to retire and leave law enforcement or even do a lateral transfer to a different city that is more supportive of the police. The result? Thousands of officers left the Los Angeles area en masse to find better working conditions and a more pro-police city and environment.

Pro-Criminal Laws and Increased Crime Rates

All of these factors have contributed to an increase in crime across the city of Los Angeles, making it the number one retail theft city in the United States. Theft is particularly rampant due to specific legislative measures and pro-criminal political policies that have been implemented, favoring criminals. Stores can be ransacked and robbed without facing consequences, thanks to Prop 47 and the absence of bail in the state. Criminals can make off with up to $950 worth of items; all they receive is a ticket, and they are not even sent to jail. Only 43% of these crimes are prosecuted by the city.

What can be done when thousands of officers have left the area, and crime continues to rise? Officers are forced to work much harder, putting in overtime on their days off and picking up extra shifts. This creates a significant and serious problem, intensifying the mental and physical stress placed on officers. Tragically, there has been an uptick in suicides by police officers in Los Angeles, largely attributed to the enormous pressure and stress they are facing.

Furthermore, police are demotivated by legislation and resource cuts. Response rates are increasing because the police know that they often cannot arrest criminals or take action even if they show up. This impacts small businesses, convenience stores, luxury retailers, and designer fashion brands. All business owners across the city have to contend with numerous thefts and threats.

Private Armed Security Approach

Some neighborhoods in Los Angeles have taken steps to mitigate crime. However, their approach is ineffective, often relying on ‘Security Ambassadors’ who primarily assist tourists by handing out maps. Unfortunately, they fall short in terms of actual security, protecting civilians, and preventing crime. There is a need for a deterrent and a high level security firm capable of deploying armed security personnel equipped with batons, pepper spray, handcuffs, and the ability to administer first aid if necessary. Dressed in security uniforms that act as a deterrent, these officers would respond swiftly to crime, acting before the police department arrives to prevent further criminal activity.

These officers could also undergo additional specialized training, such as PC832 Training. While not requiring an extensive number of hours, this training provides agents with an arrest and firearms course, supplementing their instincts and overall development on the ground. This proactive approach could significantly reduce crime rates and act as a deterrent.

Ideally, these high-level security officers would form close partnerships with the police department, sharing specific resources and working collaboratively. This partnership is crucial as it provides vital backup for officers, addressing a current lack in their support system.

High Impact Results

Leveraging the expertise of security officers equipped with comprehensive BSIS security training and PC832 Training presents a powerful solution to curbing crime in both major cities and smaller urban areas. To effectively address the escalating crime rates, cities must adopt innovative strategies. Engaging armed security firms like the World Protection Group holds the key to making a substantial impact and reducing crime.

Collaborating with established emergency and police services ensures optimal resource utilization, resulting in the prevention of criminal activities and a subsequent decrease in overall crime rates.

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