Crime is increasing at an alarming rate across much of California. Unfortunately, many individuals may not have money to hire private security or executive protection.

California sees a lot of home invasion crimes, and more and more people are purchasing guns to protect themselves against these types of attacks and crimes. This means the average, upstanding citizen is using a firearm to injure or kill the home intruder, which is happening much more often than previous years. Store owners are also buying guns because there are more armed robbers than ever before, and they need to protect themselves, their customers, and their livelihood. This seems to be the only way they can keep themselves safe.

Recently there was an elderly man who shot an intruder to protect himself and his store. The intruders fled in their vehicle, and the elderly man was uninjured and has managed to deter criminals from ever targeting his store again.

What is suggested? Individuals should now turn to purchase a personal firearm. This is due to the escalation of crime and the defunding of the police, who can no longer be relied on solely. Police also have their hands tied on what they can do, and the district attorneys have become pro-criminals and refuse to prosecute many types of crimes.

Therefore, the average citizen must take steps to protect himself or herself.

Gun Safety Training Before Owning A Firearm

It is recommended that you buy a gun and immediately get gun safety training to ensure that you are trained to handle the weapon before you even learn to shoot it. In California, the firearm must be securely locked away if children are in the house. The weapon should be kept in a gun safe with a code and reachable for adults in the household if there is a need to use the gun. You never want to leave the firearm somewhere unsecure, such as under a pillow or a bed, as this is incredibly dangerous and could be accessed by anyone in the household, especially if there are children around.

When purchasing a gun, you should also consider one that is reasonable for you and your size. This will vary from person to person. Never assume that the most prominent weapon will be the most useful. In fact, the opposite might prove true if you cannot use or fire the gun with ease and care. For instance, a Glock 19 is not a big gun and will not have a heavy kick, making it an excellent option for personal protection. Purchase night sights when you buy the gun.

Then, you need to go and get gun training. This can be a few days of proper, approved training to show you how to use and handle the gun. If you are not regularly using the weapon, you should have top-up training to remind you how to safely take and fire the gun.

Alongside the gun, you will likely want a holster and a place where you can put the magazines into the weapon, whether for the protection of your store or home. Again, this will provide the ability to protect yourself and the surrounding area adequately.

You should also get armed protection liability through the National Rifle Association (NRA). This will cover legal fees and any settlement should you ever get into a use of deadly force incident resulting in a civil lawsuit.

Gun Laws and Background Checks

Before purchasing a firearm, you must familiarize yourself with federal and state gun laws. You must understand what you are legally allowed to do and what is against the law. You will always need gun licenses (exposed and CCW), especially if you are looking for the ability to carry the weapon into public spaces, either as a concealed carry or an open carry. Understanding what license you require and the law associated with having a firearm will ensure that you remain a law-abiding citizen.

With crime escalating in most major cities, it is highly recommended that you purchase a gun and obtain a good level of training so that you can properly and safely handle it in times of need.

Background checks are also required, especially for executive protection agents. For example, California BSIS will run a background check before issuing a security guard card, and firearms permit. But with The World Protection Group, we do other comprehensive background checks and psychological assessments with our EP agents. Again, this is to ensure that all necessary precautions are taken before an agent is assigned to a client.

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