A lot of shopping malls in Los Angeles have been victims of criminals recently, particularly involving smash-and-grab crimes, theft, and looting. The stores in these malls, especially the high-end retail shops, have unarmed, uniformed security whose only role is to observe and report. They cannot get involved or try to prevent the crime that is taking place. The only chance that unarmed security officers have of stopping a crime is if a police officer happens to be doing a patrol in the immediate area, and they can be flagged down quickly and respond.

The World Protection Group gets a lot of inquiries from business and mall owners who have concerns for their security and the safety of their customers. For instance, some criminals will target cars parked at the mall parking lot or stores that are being looted and robbed. Not only do these crimes leave businesses hurting financially in the immediate time, but they can also deter customers from ever returning to the area, resulting in substantial financial losses over time.

The best and easiest way to prevent further crimes like these is by opting for a modern and highly trained armed security service that uses armed officers and the newest drone technology.

Business Owners are Choosing Armed and Proactive Security

Business owners are now exploring the possibility of hiring both an armed security officer and a drone pilot to conduct patrols throughout the entire shopping mall and individual stores. In this setup, if a store is being robbed, the cashier or worker can trigger an alarm, prompting the drone to swiftly reach the store and capture visuals of the criminal and the crime in progress. This serves a dual purpose of alerting the criminal to being recorded and notifying the authorities, often deterring or prompting them to leave without committing theft. Drones equipped with speaker systems and spotlights can effectively communicate with potential criminals.

The adoption of drone security also stems from the desire for a proactive security approach and mindset. Businesses seek comprehensive drone coverage to monitor all stores, visitors to the mall, and individuals in the parking lot, enabling the identification of any break-ins, whether to a store or a vehicle. Immediate reporting of crimes allows armed security personnel to swiftly reach the scene and take appropriate action.

In contrast, unarmed security options lack the proactive capabilities of drone surveillance. Instead, they rely on reactive measures, waiting for crimes to occur and responding as they unfold. This approach is deemed inadequate as crime rates continue to rise, with Los Angeles now ranking as the top city in the United States for retail theft.

Exceptional Training and Instincts

Alongside drone technology, the armed security officers will receive extensive and relevant training from reputable security companies. Hiring qualified and certified individuals who understand how to respond to crime without instantly jumping to the use of force is essential. Many armed security officers will be calm and detain the criminal through a citizen’s arrest. Before using a gun, they will also utilize their other tools, like a baton or pepper spray. This ensures that customers and business owners feel safe in their environment and that their shops and stores are kept safe.

Drones and highly trained armed personnel are essential for shopping malls now, mainly due to increasingly pro-criminal legislation. By opting for armed security, criminals will be actively deterred from stealing or causing damage because they know these guards can stop them and take action. By utilizing drone patrols, the entire mall can also stay safe. Patrols can be programmed regularly, and the technology is constantly improving, so bad guys can be found quickly without interrupting innocent shoppers’ experiences.

The World Protection Group is the only security company in the United States to have a fly-over FAA waiver, fly beyond visual line of sight and below weather minimums, 12 armed security personnel who are FAA drone pilots, and a fleet of highly sophisticated drones for security operations.  For more information, call 310-390-6646.

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