Los Angeles County is currently experiencing a concerning trend of home invasions throughout pretty much every neighborhood. It is so important to be prepared and to understand how you can protect yourself, your home, and your family in the most effective way possible.

With the right executive protection company for estate security services, like the World Protection Group, you can receive the help you need in order to ensure your property is kept secure and that home invaders are kept at bay. Our team has the knowledge, expertise, and high level of training required to not only keep a property safe and secure but also those residing within it.

WPG has a wide range of security choices and options to provide the fullest coverage possible to fulfill all of your estate security and lifestyle needs.


Why Home Invasion is a Big Problem Now?

Los Angeles, and other parts of California, are affected by certain State laws that make it very difficult for theft to be prosecuted. It can be difficult for police to be motivated to stop thefts and pursue charges for burglary and home invasion. Why is this? Well, there are a number of reasons, but mostly, the laws can make it difficult for lower level theft to even be a charge-worthy offense.

A potentially bigger problem though is that police resources are stretched incredibly thin due to defunding law enforcement. This means that when home invasions happen, it can be difficult for officers to reach the scene of the crime in a speedy or meaningful way. They may be understaffed or simply not have the ability to reach the area quickly enough to prevent the crime or even collect useful evidence.

This means that home invasions have escalated in recent years and the results can be catastrophic. You may end up feeling helpless or unsafe in your own property if you notice nearby homes have been burgled but no consequences followed.

For the best results, hire a reliable and respected company that specializes in executive protection.


How You Can Protect Your Home and Family

The best executive protection companies offer more than just personal security. They also understand the complex estate protection needs that come with being a high-profile executive, celebrity or billionaire.

An executive protection company will know how to fully assess the needs of large estates and properties by carrying out in depth property assessments. This allows for a better and deeper awareness of a property’s security needs so that WPG’s security experts can find any weaknesses in a property’s perimeter or existing security.

We have seen many clients who have spent upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars fitting out their home’s security. Then they discover that one entire sections of the property are left completely unprotected. This demonstrates just how necessary receiving the proper help and expertise is. You need to be able to feel safe and comfortable in your own home in order to be happy and confident living your day to day life. Let WPG help you achieve this.


Drone Protection

Drones are one of the most modern security tools available and the best executive protection agencies will be using them to protect your estate. Drone security allows for exceptionally comprehensive and effective patrolling of even the largest estates and properties.

Protection teams can monitor drones remotely and see exactly what is happening on any part of the estate from a control room. If they notice a disturbance, damage to the property, or even an intruder then the team can jump into action.

One thing that we have found very effective is drones with speaker technology built in. This means that when a trespasser is spotted on the property, the drone pilot or someone in the protection team can actually broadcast through the drone, telling the individual to leave the property immediately and that law enforcement and protection agents are on their way to intervene.

Drones will keep you and your family safer as well. The security team can alert you and any other residents of potential threats and dangers quickly, allowing you time to go to a safe room and follow any further instructions from your protection team.

The removal of all your physical addresses from the internet- Creating an anonymous lifestyle.

This can be a delicate balance to strike right, though, so it is essential that you have a high level and quality executive protection team that can work with you consistently and regularly to ensure that the protection dog is fully and properly trained and an effective part of the security detail.Anonymous Lifestyle

Another vital service that WPG is creating an anonymous lifestyle for our clients who are often very high profile executives and individuals. This can be hugely beneficial when it comes to protecting your estate from stalkers, dangerous individuals, and burglars.

Part of an anonymous lifestyle is wiping your home address from the public domain, especially from all online platforms and social media. Many executives will unknowingly have their property listed on business documents and other places, which can lead cunning individuals and opportunists to descend on the property.

The experts at WPG have years of experience creating anonymous lifestyles for our clients to keep all essential information, like phone numbers and home addresses, completely private and safe. Once our experts guide you through the process of becoming anonymous online, your sensitive information will be unreachable and your correspondences cannot be traced back to you. This is a key part of keeping your home and your family safe and secure.


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Overall, you need a protection team that understands the ins and outs of executive security and property protection. WPG offers comprehensive private security services that will ensure every aspect of your property and life stay private and secure

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