Celebrity Stalkers. Why are celebrities being stalked by some people? Because they keep posting pictures of their house and family on social media. 

Celebrities are constantly on social media, but in order to stay safe, they need to be examining every picture they post and questioning the possibility of creating dangerous behaviors from stalkers or criminals. 

Criminals can easily use social media posts to target celebrities for all kinds of things, including acting out their romantic fixations, trespassing and stealing from the property, or even kidnapping the celebrity’s children. Alongside this, even more standard fans of the celebrity can take this opportunity to show up at their property and disturb the celebrity’s sense of privacy and comfort in their own home. 

Unfortunately, irresponsible social media usage encourages all types of bad guys to take advantage of the situation in whatever way they desire. These posts give them all the ammunition they need to be able to find the celebrity, find their children, even find their lifestyle, and know which restaurants and locations they typically frequent. Out of nowhere, a criminal can follow in the footsteps of the celebrity and rob or attack them. 

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How To Protect Celebrities Against Stalkers

Dangerous obsessions and celebrity stalkers are serious issues that involve individuals who develop an unhealthy fixation on a particular celebrity. These obsessions can lead to stalking behaviors that invade the privacy and safety of the celebrity. Stalkers often engage in intrusive activities such as unwanted communication, surveillance, trespassing, and even threats or acts of violence.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The goal of celebrities, billionaires, and high profile individuals should be to do everything in their power to protect their privacy, even if this means not being on social media. Privacy and confidentiality of where you live and your lifestyle should be between the individual and those in their close social and familial circles. They should not be posting things that are an invitation for a bad guy to show up and carry out violence or other criminal behaviors against the famous person. 

A private lifestyle is something that every celebrity can achieve, even the top A listers. But it does require commitment and an understanding that there will need to be a lifestyle change. The result is worth it, though, for those celebrities and famous individuals who value their privacy, security, and comfort.

Anonymous Lifestyles

Some clients may not want a completely anonymous lifestyle, but they can still follow a few simple guidelines in order to enhance their privacy and minimize risks. For example, when it comes to social media usage, the client needs to be careful and cautious. They should take care to never post on social media about their children or any external aspects of their home. This will prevent bad guys from identifying exactly where they live and what their children look like, which can deter the risk of kidnapping threats or home invasions. 

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Similarly, if the celebrity is often posting about their lifestyle–and this may be a part of their personal brand–they should be careful about how and when they do this. If they often go to a certain restaurant or coffee shop, then they should always post this long after they have already left the location or post it on a day when they would not normally go there. This means that the bag guys cannot pinpoint their location or track their lifestyle. 

Similar rules should be followed when on vacation, with posts only going up on social media after the celebrity has already returned home. This means that their property cannot be targeted when it is empty and that they will not be stalked or harassed at their hotel.

High quality protection agents will understand how to enhance and protect their clients’ privacy as well as their physical wellbeing. Clients should always seek out truly professional protection agents, not those who are flashy or trying to build a name for themselves. A protection agent should never be posing with their client or posting photos with them, revealing crucial private information about the celebrity and their whereabouts. Not only is this crossing the professional – personal boundary, but it also decreases security and can put the celebrity in harm’s way.

Anonymous Phone

Alongside a strong social media policy and careful usage, celebrities should also consider an anonymous phone, which bolsters privacy and can protect sensitive information like location, communication history, and photos. With the support of the protection detail, an anonymous phone is set up which is bought in cash so as not to be traced back to the celebrity. Then they use encrypted and secure messaging and phone apps that allow for alias names and numbers to be used. All of these steps ensure that the celebrity cannot be traced or have their device hacked into and exploited. 

A cautious approach toward social media is absolutely necessary for high profile individuals, like public figures and celebrities. This will ensure that they cannot be tracked easily or targeted for crimes like stalking and home invasions. They will need to change certain facets of their lifestyle, but for the ultimate luxury of privacy and safety, it is always worth it.

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