Civil unrest is front and center in the news nowadays, as the U.S. is faced with problems of division and polarization.

The riots at the Capital are just one of the clear repercussions of unrest, as well as loopholes in security. In other parts of the country, there are instances of riots, protests, and looting that threaten the safety of people and property.

In this time when people are having the need to express their frustrations publicly and in physical ways, it has become even more important to prioritize safety and security, be it residential or commercial spaces.

In terms of workplace security, you need to grapple with three major issues—the safety of your staff, the security of your assets, and the protection of your data and other valuable information or property.

Importance of Physical Security in the Workplace

To protect your business, you will need a solid workplace security system that can safeguard your company against theft, physical damage, or system hacking. Here are some of the most vital elements of security in the workplace.

  • Access Control

This pertains to physical access to buildings, grounds, equipment, and sensitive areas in the workplace. It’s imperative to monitor the people going in and out of your property in order to prevent crime and prepare for emergencies.

When an emergency situation comes, the response personnel should know exactly the number of people to evacuate and account for. This is why a strict ID system for granting and prohibiting access in the workplace and the company assets should be enforced.

Access to restricted areas that hold equipment, chemicals, and sensitive data should be granted only to those with proper clearance. This will prevent people from harming themselves, damaging equipment, or sharing sensitive information.

Manual and computer-based controls and other physical security access controls should be in place to ensure top security in the workplace.

  • Surveillance

Security staff should keep close track of the comings and goings within the property in order to ensure a secure working environment. This should be done with the help of modern security systems, such as CCTV.

When combined with physical surveillance, which is helpful in tracking incidents, it will result in an effective preventative security measure.

Having a reliable surveillance system working in real-time environments is a must in order to strengthen safety and security in the workplace. Surveillance systems should always be on constant watch over critical areas, such as entrance and exit points, IT rooms, and data centers.

  • Alarm and Lighting System

Alarm systems, lighting, employee access, and facility requirements are all essential to a well-thought-out security plan.

This is a must since it lessens insurance claims and liabilities, as well as closures and other expenses. An effective alarm system thwarts malicious activities or breaches in security.

Security lighting is essential for night-time situations when most dangerous activities occur. All spaces, especially secluded and sensitive ones, should be well-lighted to deter criminals and accidents.

  • Badges and Tokens

Employees should be required to carry IDs that carry their company logo, personal name, job title, and photo at all times. This sets them apart from people who do not work in the building, who should be given temporary passes in order to enter and roam the premises.

Both internal and external people should have access control badge systems to prevent them from going to areas where they should not be.

How to Make Your Employees and the Workplace More Secure

Security services should work hand-in-hand with companies in order to make the workplace safer even in times of immense civil unrest.

This means looking into a business’ security habits—physically and digitally, to come up with resolutions in safety and security.

  • Ensuring Emergency Protocols in the Office

Now is the perfect time to assess any threats to your office building or company headquarters. Protocols should be in place in case of emergencies.

With the help of a top security company, you have to make action plans or responses that will be implemented when emergency situations arise, whether it be a fire or a bomb threat.

Emergency drills should be held regularly, at least once a year, and there should be a specific location to meet for evacuation. Newer hires, especially, should be brought up to speed in the processes.

  • Developing Situational Awareness

Having a steady routine when it comes to coming into or leaving the office is convenient, but this can also leave you vulnerable to attacks. Changing up your routine every once in a while, which involves avoiding too predictable routes, patterns, and schedules is crucial.

Make it a point to use main and well-lit entrances as much as possible, instead of going through rear entrances.

Make an effort to walk with someone else when you go to your car in the parking lot. It’s best to park in areas with the best lighting. Before getting into your car, check if your doors are unlocked and avoid unlocking it from far away—wait until you’re right beside your vehicle before you unlock and then re-lock as soon as you have climbed in.

  • Improve Visitor Policies

Now is the perfect time to revisit your policies on building visitors. Each person who enters the building should present proper identification—piggybacking should never be allowed at all times. 

Visitors should be required to check in with the reception to get a pass or a badge that will allow them access to the building. It should be easy to distinguish the visitor from the employees.

Security is the Key

Security is definitely more important than ever and it should extend beyond physical safety. Things that are unseen but are invaluable should be included—these include electronic data or government documents.

Working with the right security personnel is an important aspect of security in order to ward off violence and monitor and protect assets.

Top security agents possess multifaceted skills designed to function in different settings, be it on airports, warehouses, events, hotels, malls, or banks.

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