For the residents of California, Oklahoma, Arizona, Washington and New York states, you need not worry about security anymore. The World Protection Group, Inc. (WPG), established in 2001, is a licensed international full-service security firm which mainly focusses on Executive Residential Security Services. WPG is based in Beverly Hills and has an inclusion of up to 200 part and full time functioning workers, eight corporate employees who work full time and around 5,000 agents comprising protection of military dignitaries. Also, secret service agents are available who are well trained and work round the clock in various fields ensuring protection in many sectors in the business.

In addition to the mentioned states, WPG offers services to clients worldwide and has vetted above 30 resources globally counting Israel, South Africa, Indonesia among others. The primary clientele WPG deals with include Corporate Security, Celebrities, and Corporate CEOs.

When dealing with WPG, your security including threats of violence and crime is guaranteed with an assurance of thorough confidence, loyalty, and discretion in their discipline and procedures consistently. Mr. Kent Moyer, the CEO and President of WPG manages all day-to-day tasks and oversees all growth and management of the organization.

What makes WPG stand-out?

Both personal and public security is an essential aspect of our lives. It is why we are giving you some of the reasons as to why you should choose WPG for your security option.

For the maintenance and enforcement of its significance, all agents are required to sign an agreement of confidentiality. It gives the clients complete discretion in their procedures.

In armed liability, WPG has a maintenance of $10 million as compared to $1-2 million of alternative companies. Additionally, it has an insurance cover in the workman’s compensation of around $1 million.

It is the only security firm that incorporates routine in its security particulars and analyses 55,000 live streams in the world via proprietary systems.

WPG has alliances with 26 organizations globally allowing them to secure Vehicles worldwide and Local agents.

All agents of executive protection have an obligation of completing a formal program of training in an accredited and recognized institution and are later certified in Automated External Defibrillator, First Aid, and CPR. It thus increases your self-assurance when dealing with WPG.

WPG’s state of the art and management systems offer oversight into everyday operations which reduce any staffing on the side of the client that may be unnecessary.

Finally, for compliance and eligibility of all WPG agents, they undergo a wide-ranging background check which they must pass. These investigations include reference checks, psychological testing, drug screening, credit, civil and criminal checks. It assures you that when you choose WPG, you are definitely in good hands.

Sleeping, arriving late at work and theft from the client has become rampant in most security firms, the Executive Residential Security Services of WPG, however, ensures that there is an efficient and effective provision of exclusive services. Not choosing WPG is therefore disadvantageous to you.

Apart from the state of the art services offered by the World Protection Group, their employees are well catered for and have a conducive environment for working as well as a stipulation of the best services to their clientele. For instance, all full-time employees receive benefits from WPG including Dental, Medical, and 401k. For the workers, right work location, reputation, experience, and salary are some of the leading benefits one enjoys.

According to Mr. Moyer, “Our goal is never to stand and fight. The goal is to cover and evacuate. It’s about being low profile and blending in with the client. If you get in a fight, you’ve already failed.”