We make billionaire’s privacy easy, so they travel more without being tracked.

Billionaires need to protect their privacy for a number of reasons. Whether they use their personal cell phone for everything or have two separate phones: one for personal use and one for business, they need to protect themselves. Billionaires are often self-made, which means that they worked hard for their money and have probably made some enemies along the way, even if they don’t know it. Not only that, but people who aren’t billionaires can also get jealous, which can turn to rage. While it’s not likely for a billionaire to be attacked for being rich, they are likely to have their privacy attacked. 

We believe that everyone, regardless of who they are, has the right to their own privacy. At WPG, we make billionaire’s privacy simple and easy so that they can travel without being tracked. This means that no one will be able to determine their location, keeping them safe. 

Protecting Privacy When You Travel

Here are a few tips for helping billionaires protect themselves when they travel

Copy Important Documents

While we know that when you travel, you don’t plan on losing your wallet or any type of paperwork, accidents do happen and mistakes are made. You don’t want to be stuck in another state or country without your passport, credit cards, health insurance card, or driver’s license. You should make copies of all of these documents and store them in a separate place. You should also take pictures of your IDs and credit cards then lock them in a Photo Vault. This means that you’ll have backups available should anything get lost or stolen during your travels. 

Encrypt Communication 

You should never travel without setting a passcode on all of your devices and ensuring that it’s encrypted. When you have a good password, and all of your devices are encrypted, no one will be able to determine your location and track you. Even if your cell phone ends up going missing, people who find it still won’t be able to access anything past your lock screen. 

You can also add an extra layer of protection by setting a pin or pattern code to lock apps so that they can’t be broken into. Protecting your email, messaging apps, social media, finance apps, and more is incredibly important for your safety.

Consider Your Apps

Mobile phones may be searched when traveling internationally or re-entering the states. You may want to consider deleting sensitive materials or apps that you don’t want to be accessed by airline personnel. Most apps will require a login so that you can re-install it later. If you use a password manager to keep track of your passwords, you can keep your passwords safe as you travel. This can help you protect sensitive work accounts from being accessed or searched.

Use a VPN

When you travel, you’ll likely use a free WiFi hotspot to get alone to do work. Using an unsecured public network to access the internet can put your important documents in danger and allow you to be tracked. VPNs encrypt your browsing and activity so that your IP address cannot be accessed by others. 

Why Should You Care About Privacy?

Privacy is the right of all Americans. For billionaires and those with sensitive information on their devices, privacy is even more crucial. You don’t want competitors or enemies breaking into your communication devices to determine your location or learn about your business activities. 

Protecting Personal Information

Your personal privacy is a right, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice that because of your status. When you’re a billionaire, odds are you’ll end up in the tabloids at some point in time. You’re essentially a celebrity. Jeff Bezos is a savvy businessman who has never been in a movie or hit television show, but he’s famous because of his business and how much money he makes. 

Unfortunately, Jeff’s personal information was not protected properly, and this resulted in the media finding out about his personal life. A personal life is just that— personal. This means that it is no one else’s business what you’re up to or who you are talking to, especially while traveling. 

Cell phones and tablets are easily crackable, which means that your text messages can be found out by people who have minor tech skills. Anyone can crack your cellphone if you don’t protect your privacy. This means that none of your communications, even the personal ones, are safe. 

Protecting Sensitive Data 

If you run a business, odds are most of your money came from that business. Many successful people have enemies that they don’t even know about, just because they were able to build a successful business from the ground up. Many of these businesses have data and information that they don’t want to get out to the public or their competition. For example, your financial data is something that should stay private if you are a private company. 

Also, any communications concerning your business should be private so that no one will be able to determine your next move. The continued success of your business depends on protecting your privacy

Physical Safety

Your physical protection is just as important as the protection of your sensitive information. If your enemies are able to crack your phone and determine your location, they can find out the hotel in which you’re staying and where you are any time of day. This opens you up to tons of possibly dangerous situations. 

By protecting your privacy, you’re also protecting your physical safety. Instead of telling the world where you are, no one will be able to determine your location unless you want them to, keeping you safe from possible attacks. 

What WPG Can Do For You

Protecting your own privacy is easy if you follow the above tips. However, you should always consult an executive protection agency like WPG to ensure that you cannot be tracked when traveling. You don’t want your enemies to find your location, especially if you run a business that has sensitive information within its walls. To ensure your privacy, contact us today

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