Traveling in and out of a foreign country can be dangerous, especially for billionaires and other high-net-worth individuals and their families. Here are the five biggest threats billionaires face when traveling out of China.

Possibility of Violence

It’s essential to have somebody do an intelligence report on the foreign country so that they know what the threats and concerns are. These reports can uncover everything from crime-ridden areas of a city to the possibility of violence. There could already be violence occurring in the area, so it’s important to know what places to avoid when you’re a high-net-worth individual. Violence can also occur when criminals find out that a billionaire is leaving or arriving at a particular time or place. Many people use email and post on social media about their whereabouts, but billionaires have to be mindful of who they’re telling certain information.

Possibility of Civil Unrest

Civil unrest can happen anywhere, and it’s crucial to find out if the country you’re visiting might have any issues that could potentially cause you harm. Protests can be peaceful, but sometimes they do result in violence and injury, something billionaires need to avoid at all costs.

Becoming a Target for Kidnapping and Extortion

If you’re traveling without security with your family or alone, you and your loved ones could be a target for kidnapping. Many criminals find that by kidnapping a loved one, they can earn a big payday, so it’s important to avoid situations where this might happen. Even if you are traveling with security, you will need more than one agent with you and your family to protect them from any unnecessary harm. You can quickly become a target of kidnapping or extortion if you aren’t mindful about who you tell what information, especially when it comes to your whereabouts and those of your loved ones.

High-Level Crimes

While kidnapping and extortion are high-level crimes, there are others that you can fall victim to if you are traveling without security. Theft is just one of these crimes. When people with ill will know where you’re going, where you’re staying, and where you’ll be at all times, they can easily monitor you and steal from you. Whether its valuables or important information, you need to be aware of other times of high-level crimes that don’t physically cause you harm. The State Department might put out alerts to warn billionaires of such high-level crimes traveling to certain foreign countries.

Interactions with “Bad Guys”

Interactions with other people will happen during your travels. It’s only human nature, after all. Unfortunately, not everyone can be trusted. From those who are non-security who drive your car to people you interact with on the street, you may unknowingly tell the wrong person the right information. Even if the people you directly talk to have no bad intentions of their own, you can expect them to tell others about their talks with a billionaire, letting people, both good and bad, know information about you.

Executive Protection will help diminish the potential risks for billionaires traveling out of China so that they don’t fall victim to any type of harm.