Currently, WPG manages armed executive protection at multiple estates in Los Angeles, providing elite protection details. WPG can offer select drone protection and surveillance services to all properties through controlled patrols across Beverly Hills by utilizing top-of-the-line drones.

WPG owns one of the highest-quality drones on the market; one is the DJI M30, valued at $20,000, which features thermal imaging and 360-degree sensors to prevent collisions. This drone can be placed in a drone box on an estate and programmed to conduct tours and patrols on multiple estates within a range of approximately 10 miles.

WPG will soon introduce a lead patrol that will circulate around the property hourly, utilizing high-quality cameras to zoom in and ensure no intruders are on the premises. 

Furthermore, the drone can be programmed to respond to triggered alarms on the property. It will immediately fly to the specified location, capturing live images and video footage to relay to the executive protection agents stationed in a command center. This information can then be shared with the police, enhancing any potential arrests made.

A single DJI M30 can cover multiple estates within an hour, ensuring efficient and comprehensive remote monitoring of a large land area.

Elite Drone Security 

Drones have become essential tools for top-tier protection companies. They capture footage and come equipped with spotlights, speaker systems, and strobe lights. If a drone flying over a $25 million estate detects a potential intruder, they are instantly spotlighted, and protection agents can notify them through the speaker’s system that they have been seen and are being recorded. This often proves so intimidating that the intruder will usually leave the estate as quickly as possible to avoid capture by the executive protection agents and subsequent arrest. This technology also provides the client with peace of mind, knowing that drones actively track potential threats.

DJI M30 Drone

When looking at all the ways a drone will enhance the security of an estate, it is essential to look at the features. Alongside the speaker system and spotlight, this drone comes with many other elite features that will ensure clients feel as safe as possible in their homes.

  • This drone can work any time of the year, including the middle of winter, without sacrificing quality. This is partly due to a self-heating feature, which means the camera lens will not fog up, no matter the season or time of day.
  • With one-minute deployment and self-landing capabilities, this is one of the fastest and most effective drones available for security and protection.
  • Not only does this drone come with thermal imaging, but it also has AI enhancement. This means that if a bad guy is hiding in bushes or in the dark, the drone can find them, highlight their location, and display roughly the individual’s height and build, ensuring that agents are prepared for every eventuality.
  • There is a next-generation іmаgіng algorithm аutо-аdјuѕtѕ lighting so that a clear picture or video is always provided. This is essential for tracking the bad guy and handing valuable evidence to the police.
  • A 45-minute flight time means more extended patrols to monitor entire estates effectively and efficiently.

These features underscore the value a drone adds to a security detail. Executive Protection agents can have the drone conduct the patrol and monitor the client’s entire estate from a control room, allowing them to plan and take proactive measures. This minimizes risks for everyone involved and ensures that any intruders are caught on camera, providing evidence that can lead to an arrest and enhancing the client’s safety over an extended period.

Drones also provide a subtler form of security. Their ability to fly up to 400 feet above the ground ensures that the client’s property is being patrolled discreetly. Consequently, the client can  maintain security and privacy, fostering a sense of normalcy in their living space.

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