Why do many executive protection companies say they can operate in other states or countries even if they are not licensed to do so? Unfortunately, this happens all too often. Some security companies operate in US states and countries they are not authorized to operate in. In fact, many security companies need licensing to work in any other country.

Choosing a licensed US executive protection company that can operate internationally is essential. Here, we’ll explain why and how.

Building International Partnerships

The World Protection Group (WPG) has developed over 30 partnerships with vetted security companies in all the countries where they operate, such as the UK, France, Germany, Brazil, and Mexico, among many others.

WPG carefully selects partners who share their mentality and training standards, ensuring that all agents have the proper licensing, insurance, and thorough and regular training. This allows WPG to subcontract work through these companies, essentially having their partners represent WPG while working in those countries.

Celebrity Protection Services

Celebrities often take their protection agents with them when they travel abroad. However, these celebrity clients must realize this creates a massive liability in foreign countries. If someone gets into a use of force or deadly force situation, this can have severe consequences, and they may be arrested. That’s why you need a private security company that offers celebrity protection services in the US and globally.

Mexico Security Services

In fact, some people doing security work in Mexico without proper licensing have been arrested. If an agent does an unlicensed job in a state or a foreign country, they risk arrest, legal issues, and significant fines. This creates a significant liability problem for the client.

The Mistake of Operating Without a License

Unfortunately, many security and protection agents need to realize the risk they are running. Some even make the unwise decision to post about their work in other states and countries on their social media. For example, the owner of a security company may publicly speak about having a protection detail in a different state or country, opening the door to being reported to the security state board or government governing agency for security. Others in the protection industry will be aware if this individual is licensed in that state, and it is a shared responsibility to alert authorities about this kind of unlicensed behavior.

It is not enough to have a guard card for one state and think you can run a security detail anywhere in the country. The company must be licensed to operate in each state, or it will face fines or legal troubles following an investigation.

Security professionals must always be careful about what they post on social media, as they may share potentially sensitive information with dangerous individuals prowling the internet. Equally, it is crucial to know the law when operating a security company, pay close attention to licensing and insurance, and refrain from posting carelessly about your business.

Keeping the Client Safe

Ultimately, the client is also exposed to risk by needing to be more cautious and thorough with licensing and guard cards. The client must know the required licensing and may be liable for hiring a security agent to protect them in a state or country where they are not licensed.

Essentially, the client may also be sued anytime the security company gets sued (e.g., due to a use of force incident in a state they should not have been operating). A high-quality protection company will never expose its clients to this kind of unnecessary risk or negative publicity.

Some people are scanning the security sector and will report companies that operate without a license in different states to the authorities. Reporting unlicensed behavior ensures high standards across the industry and clients’ safety.

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