The best executive protection companies are experts in securing their clients’ estates in every way possible. This takes strategy, expertise, and diligence to ensure that every foot is covered and there are no weak spots in the security system and protection detail.

The process to evaluate a client’s estate is an extremely important first step in determining what their security needs are and how these can be fulfilled in the most effective and efficient way. High level security is required for most, if not all, high profile executivescelebrities, and billionaires. But the best executive protection companies understand that these individuals also crave normalcy and privacy so a balance must be struck without having any security sacrificed.

In today’s world, there are many dangerous individuals targeting these high profile individuals for a variety of reasons, such as home invasion and burglary, stalking, or blackmail. The top executive protection companies, like The World Protection Group, understands all of these dangers and therefore approaches client security in a holistic and very thorough way.


Understanding Your Security Needs

You may be familiar with the tragic story of the fatal shooting of Jacqueline Avant, the wife of music executive Clarence Avant, which took place inside their California state. A sole perpetrator invaded their property in an attempted burglary and murdered Jacqueline Avant during the home invasion.

The Avant estate should have been their safe oasis away from the dangerous world, but it appears that their security detail gravely failed them. The security and protection team did not adequately inspect the property to determine how to effectively protect it and guard against dangerous criminals and intruders.

Some security companies think that simply throwing money at security cameras and motion sensors will take care of everything. In fact, there are stories of high profile individuals being told they should spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their estate security. Later on, a better protection company will often step in and explain that their security might be high tech and expensive, but is in no way effective.

For instance, you will likely think that if you have a dozen cameras keeping an eye on the property. But if these cameras are not carefully placed and effectively monitored, then they are essentially a waste of money–and a lot of money at that.

This is why it is very important to choose an executive protection company that will carry out a full and thorough evaluation of your property. This type of surveillance and evaluation is used to discover any potential blind spots or weak areas on the client’s estate. Following this, a comprehensive security plan can be drawn up, complete with high tech security systems, protection agents, and even drone monitoring.

It is essential that clients do not blindly trust what security companies tell them they should buy. These companies may simply be trying to push for the highest price tag without actually understanding the property or the client’s needs.


Risk Vulnerability Assessment

As mentioned briefly before, assessing the property is an essential first step. Alongside taking a very detailed look at all sides and angles of the property to fully protect it, there are other things that the best protection companies will do.

They will also look at crime statistics to learn what is happening in the local residential area and if any robberies and burglaries have taken place within a couple mile radius. Other vulnerabilities are also considered because protection does not just include intruders and perpetrators. A risk vulnerability assessment will also look into what would happen in the case of an earthquake or if there is a water tower nearby and risk of flooding.

This is what a thorough and comprehensive risk vulnerability assessment looks like. It goes above and beyond the basic metrics of the estate to really investigate any and all risks and dangers that a client could potentially encounter.

A strategy is then formed based on this analysis and assessment. The strategy, as mentioned before, covers all types of security including monitoring the property and bringing high tech options like security drones. A 3D map is often created of the property to understand where electronic security systems  and cameras can be properly installed. Drones are involved in the assessment stage, but they also should be utilized after the strategy has been put in place.

A protection company will have high level security professionals to carry out patrols on the property regularly and who have a formal command center. This coordination takes training, expertise, and a lot of organization.

Trained drone pilots are also able to carry out very fast patrols using drones and feeding back the information to the command center. Even better, intruders or trespassers can be communicated to through a speaker system via the drone to alert them that they need to leave the property and are being monitored.


Effective Estate Security

Your home needs to be fully protected from all variety of dangers and threats. The best executive protection companies offer their clients a comprehensive approach to safety that can tick all the boxes, from monitoring cameras to canine and drone security for added protection. If a client is interested in exploring enhanced protection, then they need an executive protection company that will support them, assess their needs accurately, and provide a complete protection plan and arrangement.

You may spend hundreds of thousands kitting out your property, but if this is not done with expertise then it will be meaningless. For instance, we once heard of a billionaire client who had many cameras throughout the sides of the home, but the back side of the property was up on a hill and this was completely neglected. Anyone could walk up the hill and gain access to the edge of the property and pose a serious risk to the client’s safety. This demonstrates neglectful and ineffective estate security.

With The World Protection Group, our clients have access to real industry experts who understand how to secure and monitor the entire property to ensure there are no weak spots. But the security does not stop there. The property and its perimetres are also closely monitored and all additional security features introduced as needed.

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