The World Protection Group has been at the forefront of drone technology utilization within the executive protection industry from the very beginning. WPG is leading in the industry with an awareness of the value of drone technology and how to use it to garner the best benefits for clients. 

World Class Drone Technology

To be pioneers in the protection and security industry, your security personnel must be cross-trained in  executive protection and drone piloting. Part 107 training is a 60-question test administered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to obtain a drone pilot license. Part 107 is straightforward, and you do not have to fly the drone as part of the test. Instead, you answer questions on various topics, such as airspace restrictions, rules and regulations regarding drone piloting, weather, and drone flight mechanics.

The first step is to select security personnel for cross-training as executive protection agents and drone pilots. The second step is to determine which waivers to apply for and obtain for the protection company. These waivers are highly beneficial because they allow operations such as flying over people, flying in adverse weather conditions, or flying beyond visual line of sight. WPG has obtained several of these waivers, facilitating drone operations.

Selecting the most sophisticated and reliable drones is crucial, ensuring sufficient and high-quality protection for risk vulnerability assessments, investigations, and security enhancements, especially for prominent estates. Drones offer significant advantages over human surveillance, being faster and capable of monitoring multiple entrances or areas simultaneously. Drones can observe, scan, and zoom in on crowds to identify potential threats, such as protestors at events. Ground security personnel remain essential, with drones enhancing surveillance capabilities and providing instant information to command centers.

Similarly, drones are beneficial for estates of all sizes,, particularly substantial residences with extensive grounds. They can conduct automated patrols and detect potential intruders, even on vast properties during nighttime.

Enhanced Security Features on Drones

Drones serve a far broader purpose than simply capturing video footage for transmission to the command center, although this function is crucial and valuable. In addition to providing live feeds and recorded footage, the most sophisticated drones are equipped with additional security features aimed at maximizing client safety.

For example, many drones are equipped with night vision and infrared cameras, enabling them to detect individuals regardless of the time of day or an intruder’s attempt to conceal themselves on the estate or event venue. They also feature speaker systems and the capability to activate a spotlight on the intruder, signaling their detection and guiding the security team to the precise location. Through the speaker system, the security team can directly communicate with the intruder, instructing them to vacate the premises immediately and informing them that the authorities have been alerted. This direct communication can be highly intimidating for intruders, often compelling them to retreat quickly or dissuading them from attempting to enter the property altogether.

Furthermore, drones can enhance the overall security operations of an estate. During the initial engagement with a client, drones can be utilized in the risk vulnerability assessment process, aiding the protection team in identifying the client’s security requirements. Drones can be programmed to conduct 3D mapping of the entire property, providing the security team with insights into potential vulnerabilities that require immediate reinforcement. This 3D mapping facilitates the strategic placement of additional fences, sensors, or cameras to ensure comprehensive security coverage.

Once the sensors are installed, drones can be integrated with them. Upon triggering a sensor, the drone is automatically dispatched to the sensor’s location at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, capturing real-time footage of the situation. Simultaneously, the protection team, stationed within the property or at a command center, alerts the occupants to the potential threat, guides them to safe rooms, and notifies law enforcement.

In essence, drones augment security measures and enable a more efficient and effective response to potential threats. Multiple responses can occur concurrently, a feat not achievable without drones: the drone addresses the immediate danger and records evidence, the security team coordinates with law enforcement and safeguards the occupants, and ground personnel can respond to the threat. This capability is an invaluable asset to any executive protection team and can be deployed across various scenarios and environments.

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