There are numerous types of threats that celebrities, high-profile executives, and billionaires face on a daily basis. High-profile clients are at risk of everything from theft and robberies to stalking, cybercrime, and blackmailing. Dangerous individuals or criminal groups are more likely to target wealthier or more famous clients.

One of the most valuable services a high-quality executive protection company can provide is peace of mind for the client. Make sure that they feel safe at all times, especially at home. It is important that the client have modern, advanced security options and an action plan to deal with any type of threat that might emerge.

A panic room should be installed in the residence or office building to provide a safe hiding place for celebrities and high-net-worth individuals in the event of an emergency. Not all wealthy or famous individuals are targeted, and the level of risk can vary widely based on factors like location, industry, and personal circumstances. However, it is true that being in the public eye can expose individuals to a higher level of risk, and they often need to take extra precautions to ensure their safety and security.

Key Elements to Consider when Designing Safe Rooms

Designing panic rooms, also known as safe haven sanctuaries, requires careful consideration of security features, communication systems, supplies, and comfort. These rooms are intended to provide a secure location for individuals in case of threats, such as home invasions, natural disasters, or other emergencies. Here are some key elements to consider when designing panic rooms for ultimate security:

  • Panic Room Design and Implementation

If you ask someone to imagine a panic room, most will think of a very small cubical-like structure that is placed somewhere within the home. However, over the years, panic rooms have developed into incredibly sophisticated spaces that keep the client’s comfort in mind.

Panic rooms may be developed into the residence itself during the construction phase but can also be installed at any time afterward and may just look like the entryway into a normal room or closet. Many clients do not want to be reminded on a daily basis that they could be targeted by criminals. Therefore, they often choose to design a completely disguised entrance to the panic room, for instance, a false wall or bookshelf that hides the room.  Thus,  the panic room becomes a subtle addition to their home and allows them to maintain normalcy and a calm atmosphere within the residence. 

Modern and elite panic rooms also come with a range of exceptional features that enhance safety as well as comfort. They are no longer boxes without any furnishings. Instead, they can be outfitted for the client’s comfort, with seating, nice lighting, and cameras showing what is occurring outside of the panic room. There might even be some entertainment options, such as books or a TV screen, to allow the client to try to calm down during a long stay in the panic room.

  • Fortified Construction

Without a doubt, it is essential that the panic room be completely fortified and strengthened in all aspects. This ensures that the room can withstand a targeted attack by criminals as well as natural disasters like earthquakes or fires. 

The fortified construction begins, of course, with the door to the panic room. This needs to be exceptionally strong, bulletproof, and secure. The lock system should also be very high tech. Many clients are opting for biometric locks, which operate by reading biometric data, such as from the retina, a fingerprint, or a face scan. This ensures that only the client and their family can access the panic room. Similarly, the walls will also be fortified so that there is no risk of someone trying to break through from another angle.

Typically, the panic room will be installed without any exposure to an exterior-facing wall. However, if this is not the case, then the room might include a window as well. These windows will be fortified and bulletproof. 

  • Emergency Communication Systems

One of the most important features a panic room should have is an effective emergency communication system. This allows the client to contact their protection team as well as the authorities and alert them to the situation. Being able to communicate quickly with key resources outside of the room means a quick response from both the police and the protection team so that the threat can be removed and the client can leave the panic room as soon as possible.

Many panic rooms will have an automatic emergency alert upon entering the room and locking it. This will instantly send out an alarm to the police so that a second is not lost in getting the client out of the situation safely.

Communication systems are also important as they allow for reassurance and connection to the outside world. For instance, if the client is in the panic room due to his home being invaded, he can contact the authorities as well as his family to alert them that they may be targeted too and need to get somewhere safe.

  •  Supplies for Extended Stays

Whether it is a home invasion or a natural disaster, it is not possible to predict how long the client may need to stay in the panic room. Therefore, the protection team should work with the client to stock the room with supplies that they may need. This includes everything from food and blankets to portable toilets and other toiletries.

Knowing that the panic room is not an empty, cold space will create a greater sense of confidence and calm for the client.

The Psychological Benefits of a Panic Room

There are some celebrities and billionaires out there who do not believe they will ever be the target of an attack and therefore do not require a panic room. However, what they underestimate is the psychological benefit of the room, which acts as a safe haven they know they can rely on if the worst does happen.

It is far better to be prepared and install a panic room than to wish you had in hindsight. Clients who have a panic room in their homes and offices often feel a greater sense of comfort and peace of mind while going about their day-to-day lives. This has a value that goes beyond money and is instead about quality of life and happiness.

Consult with Security Experts

The concept of panic rooms and safe havens has gained popularity due to concerns about personal security and emergency preparedness. If you’re considering adding a panic room to your property, consulting with security experts and professionals can help you make informed decisions based on your specific needs and circumstances.

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