With the huge escalation of crime in most US cities, why is it essential to develop a security mindset? Can anyone be trained to have a security mindset? Find out here.

You often have to alter your behavior with the high escalation of crime in cities. You need to have high-security alertness in your mind and daily activities with no distractions because random crime can happen anywhere and to anyone. Consider if you are wearing an expensive watch, have just left a jewelry store, or even if you have a designer bag on your shoulder; anybody at any given time could attack you. One of the biggest problems is that the average person needs to have a mindset of high security alertness. 


What is a Security Mindset?

What exactly does a security mindset look like? Well, just imagine that you are sitting in your office. If you go to the window and look outside, the average person might just see a parking lot. However, if you have a security mindset, then anytime you are planning on leaving your office, you will scan the parking lot for potential dangers and evaluate the situation overall. With this mindset, you might see parked cars and notice a person sitting in a car, and from this, you can question whether this individual might be a criminal surveying the area and even you. This person could be a potential threat, and when leaving the office, you will be prepared for a possible attack. 

Essentially, this tactic prepares the mind before the body physically goes out to the parking lot. The security mindset works in every situation anywhere in the world, from office buildings to mall parking lots that require maneuvering through crowds of people, escalators, and shopping bags.


Staying Alert with a Security Mindset

When you create this alertness and extra radar, it is almost like you have an alarm in your mind, and your eyes looking around and scanning on a 360 basis to find any potential vulnerabilities around you. This can even be observations that you make subconsciously, such as whether it is light outside or dark. Other aspects are firmly consciously formed, such as figuring out where help would be found, such as a police station in an emergency. 

For women, it may even be beneficial to have the additional security of pepper spray that can easily be kept in hand and deployed quickly if needed. Sometimes it is best to use these tools alongside a security mindset to stay safe in case a bad guy tries to assault you or rob you of your belongings. 


Adjust Your Lifestyle

In addition, perhaps the most significant problem everyone–men and women–has is cell phones. So many people will go the whole day looking down at their screen, texting, reading emails, and scrolling through the news or social media apps. Even on the phone talking to someone, if you are doing this when walking through a dark parking lot to your car, you are totally distracted, and if a man walks up behind you, you might not even realize it until it is too late. Therefore, your phone needs to be buried deep in a purse or pocket and cannot be used while walking on the streets.

Irresponsible or careless cell phone use can mean that you are unintentionally put in dangerous situations because bad guys will target you since you will be distracted and unaware of the rest of the world.

To stay safe, people need to be willing to make some adjustments to their lifestyles. Some of these can be very simple and straightforward. For example, every time you leave your property or at night, you ensure your security system is turned on. 

Times have changed with the increase in crime. When you are outside, you have to be focused on protecting yourself and staying safe. Security alertness and your internal radar must be turned on scanning for bad guys that you could potentially run into. 


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