Drones in Private Security Role

How Can Drones Be Used In The Private Security Role?

Drones are fast becoming a fun toy for both children and adults. However, what many people don’t realize is that drones are used every day by law enforcement and executive protection agents to keep people safe. WPG is currently the only executive protection firm using drones to better protect its clients from those who may wish to harm.

Here’s how.

Chasing Suspects

Police departments use drones to chase suspects because drones can fly above obstacles and reach the suspect much sooner. While a drone can’t make an arrest, it can follow a suspect […]

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Protective Intelligence

The Use of Protective Intelligence in Executive Protection

Our Executive Protection has always been using protective intelligence in all our Executive Protection details for the last 20 years.

At World Protection Group (WPG), we believe in using protective intelligence to do our job better and protect our clients from those who may wish to do them harm. We analyze threats using this a sophisticated intelligence system (60,000 live open-source news feeds, identifies 50 types of risks, and include twitter) and devise an actionable protection plan. We have prevented our clients from being hurt or killed from drug cartel attacks, protects, […]

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Drones in Risk Vulnerability Assessment

Drones in Risk Vulnerability Assessment

As you may know, drones are used in many ways to help people. They are used after natural disasters to find survivors and aid rescue, by police forces, and the military. Executive protection agents can also use drones for something we call a Risk Vulnerability Assessment.

First, let’s discuss drones.

World Protection Group (WPG) and Drones

We are the only executive protection company that uses drones to keep clients safe. Not only that, but we also use drones to support police, fire, and emergency services, including FEMA. Let’s face it, high net worth individuals often have large […]

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Creating Anonymous, Behind the Scenes Social Media

We live in the modern world, which means that social media has become a part of everyday life. High net worth individuals and celebrities use social media all the time. It’s how they connect with their fans and other industry leaders, after all. However, when it comes to protecting your privacy, social media can be your downfall.

Consider all of the images of you floating around social media right now. Maybe there are even some posts that you made years ago that were in poor taste. These things can come back to bite you. Not to mention, using social media gives […]

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100% Prevention: The Key to Executive Protection

Executive Protection Training is Different from Police or Military Academies

Police and military academies have a focus on combat, investigation, and weapons training. While all of these are great skills to have for those interested in executive protection, they are missing one key value. This key value is prevention. Preventing situations means that there’s no need for police intervention because the problem has already been taken care of.

Formal Executive Protection Training

Over the course of their career, a seasoned executive protection agent will accumulate 600-1000 hours of formal training. This training will have a large focus on protective intelligence and prevention. […]

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How Drones Can Help You Sell 10+ Million-Dollar Homes

Everybody knows what a drone is. The military and FEMA use them to surveil an area, while civilians use them for fun. Drones are quickly becoming used for applications because of their superior ability compared to helicopters.

What many people don’t realize is that drones can help you sell your multi-million dollar home. In fact, over the past few years, more and more realtors are utilizing drones in new ways. Here’s how.


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Drones in Executive Protection

LA Confidential interviews Kent Moyer – CEO of The World Protection Group and 001 (WPG & 001)

I have never felt like a security person. I always thought I was a security artist. – KENT MOYER

Today we are speaking with world-acclaimed security and Executive Protection expert Kent Moyer, CEO of The World Protection Group and 001 (WPG & 001).


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What could happen if a Security Guard Company offers Executive Protection Services?

The Potential Problems of a Guard Company Offering Executive Protection Services

We talk about the difference between bodyguards and executive protection all of the time. However, what if a guard company provides executive protection services? Guard companies and executive protection firms may seem like the same, but they are not.

They think very differently and opposite mindsets. Security Guard companies are always looking to cut costs to preserve the small margins of net profit. They are also interested in keeping the non billable overtime hours to a minimum. Every day they crunch the numbers on each account to […]

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The restraining order is just a piece of paper –  It can provide a trigger for an attack

Many people think that a restraining order is enough to keep another person from making contact with you. Often times, this isn’t the case and could provide a trigger for an attack on the person who just wants the other person to go away. […]

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The Rich and Famous Chinese can have enemies outside of China

Did you know? For high net worth Chinese individuals, the threat level is higher outside of China. Those traveling from China to the US don’t typically have knowledge of potential threats happening. They can also end up being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Bad people can always find good people.

No matter who you are or what you do, you can come in contact, and even be conned by someone who seems like a good person. This is especially true if English is your second language and you don’t understand certain nuances.

You’ll […]

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