How Drones Can Help You Sell 10+ Million-Dollar Homes

Everybody knows what a drone is. The military and FEMA use them to surveil an area, while civilians use them for fun. Drones are quickly becoming used for applications because of their superior ability compared to helicopters.

What many people don’t realize is that drones can help you sell your multi-million dollar home. In fact, over the past few years, more and more realtors are utilizing drones in new ways. Here’s how.


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Drones in Executive Protection

LA Confidential interviews Kent Moyer – CEO of The World Protection Group and 001 (WPG & 001)

I have never felt like a security person. I always thought I was a security artist. – KENT MOYER

Today we are speaking with world-acclaimed security and Executive Protection expert Kent Moyer, CEO of The World Protection Group and 001 (WPG & 001).


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What could happen if a Security Guard Company offers Executive Protection Services?

The Potential Problems of a Guard Company Offering Executive Protection Services

We talk about the difference between bodyguards and executive protection all of the time. However, what if a guard company provides executive protection services? Guard companies and executive protection firms may seem like the same, but they are not.

They think very differently and opposite mindsets. Security Guard companies are always looking to cut costs to preserve the small margins of net profit. They are also interested in keeping the non billable overtime hours to a minimum. Every day they crunch the numbers on each account to […]

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The restraining order is just a piece of paper –  It can provide a trigger for an attack

Many people think that a restraining order is enough to keep another person from making contact with you. Often times, this isn’t the case and could provide a trigger for an attack on the person who just wants the other person to go away. […]

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The Rich and Famous Chinese can have enemies outside of China

Did you know? For high net worth Chinese individuals, the threat level is higher outside of China. Those traveling from China to the US don’t typically have knowledge of potential threats happening. They can also end up being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Bad people can always find good people.

No matter who you are or what you do, you can come in contact, and even be conned by someone who seems like a good person. This is especially true if English is your second language and you don’t understand certain nuances.

You’ll […]

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Your Executive Protection Insurance Company Can Sue You

You may remember that back in 2016, Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris. She was robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewelry. What many people fail to remember is that she did have a bodyguard assigned to her when this happened. Kardashian was there with her sister and a friend and only had that one bodyguard.

However, while he should have stayed with her when her sister and the friend went out on the town, he ended up going out with them to protect them instead of the person he was assigned to protect. We’re unsure […]

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UAS Security Company With Disaster Response Training

Don’t wait until an 8.0 earthquake to have a strategic alliance with a UAS security company with disaster response training

What is a UAS Executive Protection Company?

UAS is a military term that is now being used by the public. UAS means an unmanned aerial system, which includes drones. However, the term drone can be used to describe a variety of vehicles, like a submarine. The most common usage refers to an aircraft that is guided remotely. Basically, a drone does not have a pilot inside.

The definition of UAS consists of the drone, and the person […]

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The Richest Man In The World Got Caught Cheating

The richest man in the world got caught cheating. Could two inexpensive anonymous phones have prevented this?

If you’ve been watching the news, you’ve heard about Jeff Bezos’ recent divorce. The richest man in the world was caught cheating, leading to a $37 billion divorce and at the very least, bad publicity. Did you know? Inexpensive and anonymous phones may have been able to prevent both of these consequences. […]

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