When thinking about an international businesss trip or summer vacation , WPG recommends that you spend 1-2 hours to develop a security plan .  Below are 20 tips for international travel:

  1. Register your trip on the US State Department web site.
  2. Review the latest intelligence information, threat assessment, and travel warnings on the US State Department and CIA web sites for the countries of destination.
  3. If you work for a company that has a Global Security Director, speak directly to that person and ask them for resources to help you in that country.
  4. Note the US Embassy or US Consulate contact information and address.  If you plan on making regular trips to that country, visit the US Embassy or US Consulate and see if you can meet the Regional Security Officer.
  5. Use GPS systems on rental vehicles to help navigate around the cities you will visit.
  6. Research the nearest trauma hospital and know how to get to that location.
  7. Plan the routes you will take to get to your meetings and sites you will visit.  Ensure that you do not go into a high crime area.
  8. Vary your daily routes and times.
  9. Flashy jewelery, watches and expensive luggage can attract unwanted attention, leave these items at home.
  10. Research which hotels are safe and meet with the hotel Security Director to discuss any specific concerns.
  11. Have an evacuation plan from the hotel and have park your vehicle where you can gain easy access.
  12. If you detect that someone is following you,  try to get reliable information on the bad guys and report them to the Regional Security Officer or FBI in that country.
  13. Take a medical kit with you on the trip and Automated External Defibrillator if someone in your party has a heart condition. Be trained in CPR, First Aid, & AED.
  14. Have the proper insurance to inculde Kidnap & Ransom, Travel, and Medical Evacuation.
  15. Do not use your cell phones while walking on the street and in the car.  Cell phones are a distraction.  It is important to maintain a high level of security alertness to response in case of an attack.
  16. Get in the habit of looking for things that don’t fit in and looking for potential bad guys on a daily basis.
  17. If an attack occurs the only thing that will save you is the speed of recognition that an attack is occurring.   Evacuate from the area as fast as you can, and create as much distance from the bad guys in the fastest amount of time possible.
  18. Establish a relationship with an International security company that has resources in foreign countries.
  19. Consider using a Security Driver or Executive Protection depending on the level of risk in that country.
  20. Trust your intuition and evacuate away from any possible threat or danger.