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世界保护集团 的制服化安保人员/专员,作为承租人和物业管理人员的代表,致力于通过周边安全管理、门禁控制、访客管理和设施内部安全措施,在住户与访客之间建立起一道防线,树立良好的第一印象。
所有 WPG 制服化保安/专员,均必须接受固定/巡逻岗交叉培训,并根据位置和威慑等级着装。如物业内发生任何事故/紧急情况,这些专员将成为“第一出动人员”。WPG 培训课程超越了所有关于筛选和培训的州立标准要求。所有制服保安/工作人员均按照风险和安保程序配备必要的装置,每一位保安均拥有丰富的实践知识和技能,足以针对任何事件做出正确反应,包括火灾、炸弹威胁、工作场所暴力、恐怖主义和其它犯罪活动。
WPG 制服化安保人员/安保专员皆须通过严格,全面的背景调查和毒品筛查,且分别完成最少 40 小时和 110 小时的培训课程,涵盖门禁控制、逮捕和控制、刑法和执法、疏散、急救/心肺复苏/自动体外除颤、停车和交通控制、通信和工作场所暴力等内容。

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We offer the best solution for all your security needs, providing superior service while offering the best possible security coverage and protection one would expect.


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Giving you the best of the best! We provide highly skilled professionals with years of military and security background and training, offering you the finest security protection available.


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Going the extra mile to give you peace of mind- that’s our goal. With exceptional quality security, personnel and programs, WPG gives you the security that no one else can. Providing the highest level of individualized service for our distinguished clientele.

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WPG is a full-service international security firm that specializes in Executive Protection. Our philosophy and techniques are modeled after the United States Secret Service method of providing proactive and preventative protection. WPG has worked with some of the most high profile individuals in the world.

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