Are you considering a career transition from law enforcement or the military into executive protection in the private sector? The ASIS executive protection community (EPC) can help you.

When it comes to becoming a professional executive protection agent, a lot of different types of people are attracted to the job, for various reasons. Often times, people choose executive protection after fruitful and successful careers in law enforcement or the military. A lot of the skills learned in police academies or in military service are transferable into the executive protection field.

However, this career transition is not entirely cut and dry, which may require some assistance in coming to grips with the needs of the industry. This is where the American Society for Industrial Security, or ASIS International Executive Protection Community comes in. ASIS is an amazing organization that does great work for the entire security industry, including helping individuals from various backgrounds get into executive protection work. 

One of the most exciting things about ASIS Executive Protection Community is their Law Enforcement/Military Liaison sub-committee, led by Jerry Jacobs and Kent Moyer. This committee is designed to make the transition from Law Enforcement or the Military to private sector executive protection as seamless and natural as possible. This may include guidance, advice, and expertise around the right types of training academies, required professional state licensing for private security and how to curb incorrect instincts.


What Does ASIS Do?

ASIS is the world’s largest membership organization for security management professionals, which include executive protection professionals.  ASIS provides excellent resources spanning a wide range of materials for the executive protection sector, including valuable learning resources, such as digital tools, e-learning courses, and virtual events designed to enhance your protection skills alongside essential in person training.

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ASIS International is also an excellent choice for anyone who wants to build their professional network and even a good opportunity to enhance your profile within the industry among those who matter most. This is a truly global industry organization with events held throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and Dubai.

Importantly, ASIS is instrumental in developing industry standards and guidelines that help to move the entire security industry forward.  The ASIS EP community participates in this mission by bringing together executive protection professionals to identify best practices and develop guidelines to ultimately provide better protection for clients and higher skill levels for professional protection agents.

If you are looking to reskill, then ASIS can provide support, including training and respected security certifications. This will set you up for a successful career within the industry. Additionally, you will also have access to global conferences that connect you to international security industry leaders and classroom programs that can help retrain instincts and thought patterns.


The Law Enforcement and Military Liaison Committee

This is an integral committee within ASIS International geared toward serving members of the organization who come from a law enforcement or former military backgrounds.

The committee is an open community that allows members to share their expertise and discuss issues within the executive protection and security industries internationally.

It helps transition into private sector executive protection rather than regular security more generally. Among the many services provided, the committee can help achieve the following:

  • The committee can help provide guidance and support so that you know how to get your state private security licensing, which is essential to being a qualified executive protection agent.
  • An invaluable service we provide is helping provide a mentor to those transitioning into an executive protection career. A mentor is incredibly helpful when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of the industry and navigating network connections and company links.
  • Choosing the right company to work with or partner up with can be tricky, especially since not every executive protection company works to the same standards and quality. This ASIS sub committee will give support and industry expertise so you know that you are choosing the right type of company to work with and provide protection services.
  • Ongoing training is essential even for the best executive protection agents. The sub committee can help you choose the best training academies and ongoing security education. For ex law enforcement and ex military this is crucial as some instincts and training may need to be modified.

For more information on the sub committee and how it can help you move into a career in private sector executive protection, you can reach out to Jerry Jacobs or Kent Moyer, the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the committee. They will be able to lend their expertise to your query and help you find the right support that you need to begin your new career.

Contact Jerry Jacobs Chair at 650-255-3414 or & Kent Moyer, Vice Chair at 310-390-6646 or

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