Staying on the cutting edge of security technology is essential for the executive protection industry. It ensures that clients have the best protection available and that the security detail is always several steps ahead of potential threats. From AI intelligence to the most sophisticated drones on the market, technology is helping to shape and inform the future of the executive protection industry.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence in Security Protocols

Artificial intelligence has become massive throughout nearly every industry, and executive protection is the same. Utilizing drones for surveillance, counter-surveillance, and risk assessments is beneficial. With every new drone that hits the market, new, emerging technologies have been tried and implemented, enhancing the drone’s security features. Artificial intelligence is now being incorporated into drones as well, and it can be exceptional in terms of its utilization for protection work.

Utilizing Drones for Surveillance and Risk Assessments

Drones are invaluable for surveillance operations. For instance, instead of using the drone solely for protecting the client, the protection detail may employ it to monitor individuals such as stalkers or those who have made threats against the client. By setting up the drone to surveil the individual’s location, the protection team can maintain close contact with the client and track the individual’s movements. If the individual approaches the client’s vicinity, the protection team can promptly alert the client and ground agents to take necessary precautions.

During these operations, the drone captures video footage and images of the individual, providing the security team with vital information about their activities. For example, if the individual is seen purchasing weapons, this serves as valuable evidence that can be shared with law enforcement if needed. Importantly, the individual remains unaware of being under surveillance.

Drone Counter Surveillance

For high-level security, drones have become indispensable. This is especially true for high-profile clients, executives, and institutions like the Secret Service protecting the President at the White House. Depending on the client’s profile, drones become essential at some point. Part of their role is to conduct counter-surveillance and countermeasures against other drones operating near the client and their property.

Certain celebrities consistently face invasions of privacy, with the media often attempting to fly drones over or near their private property to obtain footage and images of their personal lives and families. Drone countermeasures are deployed from the command center, enabling the security team to detect and locate drones in relation to the client’s whereabouts. Advanced counter-drone technology provides additional information such as whether the drone is recording, its model, registration details, and contact information of the owner.

While crucial for securing private estates and residences, this technology is also valuable for large campus environments, such as those of Apple or Facebook, to maintain the privacy of company data and facilities. The drone countermeasure system extends coverage across the entire campus. Additionally, in areas where airspace restrictions apply, the security team can report gathered information to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which can take action in case of regulatory violations, airspace breaches, or privacy infringements.

Emerging Technologies Shaping the Future of Executive Protection

There is no denying that new technologies always push the executive protection industry further, ensuring innovation and adaptation to these new technologies. Artificial intelligence and drone technology have been hugely beneficial and modernized the way that executive protection agents work, keeping clients and their homes more secure than ever before. On the other hand, these technologies can also fall into the hands of the bad guys and be used to target and threaten high-profile individuals in many different ways. Therefore, the protection industry must utilize these technologies to its advantage and have crucial countermeasures to protect clients from emerging threats.

Enhancing client protection and mitigating emerging threats and risks are the primary objectives of leading, high-quality executive protection companies. WPG has been at the forefront of pioneering new technologies in its security and protection operations, recognizing the importance of security both on the ground and in the sky.

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