Many of us will enjoy the Super Bowl today and will not realize the security preparations that will be in place to keep the stadium and the area around the stadium safe.  The planning and preparation for security starts when one game finishes for the following year.  Weeks before the game starts it is 24 hour/7 days a week protection.

This involves law enforcement and private security including US Secret Service, FBI, ATF, Texas State, and local law enforcement.  They will have counter-sniper teams, SWAT teams, motorcycle police escorts, and dogs that detect explosive devices and will have the most sophisticated surveillance equipment at the stadium.  It is amazing to see so many great law enforcement people working around the clock ensuring everyone’s safety at the game.  We applaud your efforts.  This is what America is about – going to any effort to make sure our people are safe from threats and terrorist attacks.

US Homeland Security announced at a press conference “If you see something, Say Something”.  Enjoy the game and stay safe.