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? Why Hire a Professional Security Company VS In House Security?
  1. The Security Company assumes all liability issues to do with the Security Officers and use of force or theft
  2. A good Security Company will be focused on and have processes in place to ensure that there are no viola- -tions of confidentiality
  3. There is no in-house staff time dedicated to management of a security team
  4. The Security Company will manage any labor board or workman’s compensation suits
  5. Management and compliance of all licensing and permits is done by the Security Company
  6. Compliance with the tedious and complicated process to ensure that Security Officers getting their two 10-minute breaks and 30-minute meal break when working more than 6 hours, is the responsibility
  7. The Security Company manages all hiring and firing, reducing the risk of any potential suits from wrongful termination
  8. Training is not only recommended but mandatory by state regulatory boards, a Security Company will ensure that proper, effective training is completed on an annual basis.
  9. The Security Company pays for liability and workman’s compensation insurance and you can define the limits you require
  10. Additional resources are always required, whether for special events, because of vacations or sick leave. A Security Company has trained resources available at all times.


12 Secret Agent Security Tips
  1. Register all trips with the US State Department at
  2. Get free information from
    • Overseas Security Advisory Council at
    • CIA at
    • US State Department at Travel.State.Gov
  3. Research the most dangerous countries and hot spots of the world. You may want to avoid travel there unless you have a protective security detail in those countries.
  4. Take a GPS and program all sites you will visit into the GPS prior to the trip.
  5. Research all locations you plan to visit to make sure there have been no security incidents in the last several years.
  6. Understand how the bad guys operate
    • Pick a preliminary target
    • Initial surveillance on the target
    • Final planning on the execution of the attack with more surveillance
    • Arrival at the target
    • Deployment to attack site
    • Execution of the attack
    • Most attack occur in and around the vehicle
  7. Keep all cell phones and computers locked in a safe when not in the hotel room.
  8. Get trained in CPR, First Aid, & Automated External Defibrillator and take a medical kit on each trip. Take medical kits with you when traveling in a car.
  9. Know where the nearest and best hospitals and trauma centers are located.
  10. Know where the US Embassy or Consulate is and have all contact information for the US Regional Security Officer.
  11. Be aware so as to detect surveillance on you and know what to do: vary your routes and times on a daily basis; identify possible choke points along a route; look for and try to identify potential bad guys on a daily basis.
  12. Have a high level of security-alertness, and in particular do not be on the cell phone when walking around the streets.


12 Differentiators of WPG Executive Protection vs. Other Security Companies
  1. All of our Executive Protection Agents must pass an extensive background check.  YES, we actually do perform background checks on everyone including:  criminal, civil and credit checks, drug screen, psychological testing and reference checks.
  2. All Executive Protection Agents must have already completed a formal training program in a recognized and accredited school.
  3. We have an accredited Security Academy, which is certified by the California Bureau of Security & Investigations and a 7-day Executive Protection Program.
  4. WPG maintains $10Million in armed liability insurance and $1Million in workman’s compensation insurance.  99% of all security companies only have $1-2Million in armed liability.
  5. We require all Agents to sign a confidentiality agreement, strictly enforce and retrain on its value.
  6. All security permits and licenses for all Agents are verified on a continual basis for eligibility and compliance with training standards.
  7. Our management and state of the art systems provide oversight into daily operations that minimize any staffing requirement on the Client side
  8. WPG is the only Security Company that routinely incorporates into its security details, intelligence feeds from a proprietary system analyzing 55,000 live streams from around the world
  9. Advances are completed on every detail and then incorporated into an ‘Advance Database’ which is maintained for future details
  10. WPG has strategic alliances with 26 companies around the world to allow us to secure local Agents and Vehicles globally.
  11. All Executive Protection Agents are trained and certified in CPR, First Aid and Automated External Defibrillator.
  12. WPG provides benefits for all full time employees including Medical, Dental and 401K


10 Ways to Improve yourExecutive Protection Team
  1. Schedule 8 hour shifts vs. 12 hour shifts.  It will reduce overtime and Agents will be more alert.
  2. Organize a monthly training session for the Agents.  Hire a full time trainer or make an arrangement with an Executive Protection school that you trust.
  3. Maintain a database of ‘advances’.  Each location visited by a principal should become part of that database to make the team more efficient overtime.
  4. Ensure that all Executive Protection Agents have the appropriate private-sector training
  5. Incorporate diet, physical fitness and martial arts into your Executive Protection program
  6. Train each new hire on administrative issues to include:  daily activity reports, expense forms, meals break forms, incident reports.
  7. Ensure that you have good systems in place to manage compliance in on-duty breaks and permits/licenses.
  8. Perform a thorough background check on all Agents to include:  criminal, civil and credit checks, drug screen, psychological testing and reference checks.
  9. Build on your strong team by creating opportunities for team building on a quarterly basis
  10. Improve the chances that your team stays in place, by offering benefits designed to retain strong employees – medical, dental and 401k.


10 Ways To Improve your Uniformed Security Services
  1. Insist that your Security Company does background checks on every Security Officer
  2. Ensure that your Security Company has a system in place for verifying each Officer’s training, licensing and permits required to work at your location.
  3. Ask that each of your locations have written security procedures (POST Orders) defined collaboratively by you and your Security Company.
  4. Build a relationship with your Security Company.  Meet with them at least once a month.  They will be excited to work harder for you as a client and improve your security.
  5. Create tasks for each Security Officer to do during each shift of operation.  This will keep the Security Officer from becoming complacent.  If you have multiples post locations, rotate the Security Officer to another location periodically.
  6. Reward the Security Officer for positive contributions.  Feedback in this industry is usually only after mistakes have been made.
  7. Use electronic systems to get real time, web-based data on movements and patrols by Security Officers
  8. Insist that the Security Officers looks sharp.  A clean, pressed uniform with polished shoes and clean hair are important to create a command presence.  If the Security Officer looks sloppy, their requests will not be respected.
  9. Provide feedback on the Security Officer to the Company.  The Security Company should show an effort to allow that Officer to improve over a set period of time.  You should request that an Officer be removed from the site if the situation does not improve.
  10. Request transparency from the Security Company on Officer pay rates and benefits.  If the Officer is not being paid a living wage then you might have to adjust your performance expectations.


! Problems You May Encounter With a typical Uniformed Security Firm
  1. Security Officers sleeping on the job
  2. Security Officers arriving late to the job
  3. Security Officers looking sloppy, not in the proper uniform
  4. Lack of confidentiality agreement between the Officers, the Security Company and the Client – or violation of that agreement
  5. Security Officer is paid as an independent contractor and not an employee, which is illegal and violation of State Bureau of Security & Investigations law – and could impact your liability.
  6. High turnover of officers, affecting the daily standard of operation at the Client’s facility
  7. Underpaid officers with no benefits (i.e. Medical, Dental, 401K)
  8. Fraternization of security officers with your employees, distracting the officers from delivering effective security measures at your facility.
  9. No strong management of officers from the Security Company, contributing to additional workload for the Client team.
  10. Lack of strong screening program including resume, interview, license and permits review, background check (criminal, drug, reference checks and psychological testing).
  11. No real time oversight of Security Officer movements and patrols.


! Problems You Will Have if You Hire a ‘Bodyguard’
  1. Bodyguards are notorious for selling information to the tabloids
  2. Theft from the Client
  3. Lack of liability protection for the Client, as the Bodyguard does not maintain proper or adequate corporate insurance.
  4. Use of force is more likely with a Bodyguard who often resorts to his physicality
  5. Filing of labor suits for over time and double time worked during the time the Bodyguard was on ‘salary’
  6. Filing of stress and harassment claims against the Client
  7. May not maintain the proper licenses and permits as mandated by State regulating boards
  8. Lack of formal training to prevent incidents from happening
  9. Do not carry medical kit or know how to respond to a medical incident
  10. Does not perform detailed ‘advance’ work, which is the foundation of protection work and combines contingency planning with intelligence to minimize the risk and disruption of any potential incident.

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