The World Protection Group, Inc. (WPG) is a proactive and preventative Executive Protection and Threat Management Company that is devoted to the analysis of threats using Protective Intelligence.  Protective Intelligence is the process of gathering information to identify threats and assess the level of risk associated with those threats.  Without Protective Intelligence, executive protection agents can only react to immediate dangers-they do not have the information they need to proactively deal with potential threat events. Using Protective Intelligence techniques, Executive Protection agents manage threats by avoiding and deterring them in order to keep clients as safe and secure as possible. The effective use of Protective Intelligence is one of the key aspects that differentiates WPG Executive Protection from its competition.

WPG uses Protective Intelligence to develop Security Books.  A Security Book includes open source intelligence, threat assessment, security recommendations, and emergency contacts for a specific city or area.


Security Books are recommended for clients who do not have a security background and are traveling to high-risk locations, such as certain cities in Mexico without a security team.  WPG Security Books are currently available for all major cities and resort locations in Mexico at the introductory price of $750.  For a free sample of our Security Book, click the box above for the Monterrey, Mexico Security Book.  Other available cities/resorts include:


Additional Protective Intelligence offerings include: