It can be said that one’s net worth is commensurate to his security risk. It’s one of the disadvantages of being rich—you can’t just go anywhere without your security people in tow.

For high net worth individuals, executive protection agents, not just bodyguards, are a staple part of the payroll. This level of security definitely doesn’t come cheap, but it’s totally necessary to allow them to work and play without having to worry about their safety, or their family’s.

Stalking, robbery, and financial scams are just some of the perils that a VIP faces on a daily basis. This is why close protection is needed to protect their safety and their reputation, especially when they are traveling.

The risks get higher whenever a high net worth individual travels, with kidnapping as just one of the dangers waiting to creep up in an unguarded moment.


Why VIPs Need Travel Security Support

It’s difficult to fly under the radar if you’re famous. Aside from the paparazzi, there are people who will not hesitate to get close just to ask for autographs and selfies. Public drivers may not resist the urge to tell their friends who’s in their car.

VIPs themselves can elevate the risk by posting carelessly on social media, giving away their plans, whereabouts, and other personal details.

Productivity is another reason. Having a security team take care of even the smallest details in the itinerary will allow the VIP to shuttle from one meeting to another without having to worry about traffic and security.


Security Risk Factors to Consider

Executive protection companies have protocols in place to address these risk factors when their client is traveling. They take many areas into consideration, which include vehicle security and the safety of the venue or hotel where the VIP will be staying at.

All transports must be secure, not only on the road but air and sea as well. The driver, pilot, or captain must be vetted in terms of skills and experience. The VIP’s hotel room should be well-guarded and devoid of hidden listening or filming devices.

On top of that, the executive protection agents must also address the VIP about his social media usage, since this can give attackers a clue about his whereabouts and routines.


The Difference of High-end Travel Support

The way security is conducted when a high net worth individual is traveling is different from the usual protocols. High-end travel support adds a layer of safety every step of the way, considering factors such as travel itineraries and personal preferences and circumstances.


Here’s how executive protection is different during a client’s traveling period.

  • The Use of Security Drivers

This is the first step that security agents use to improve the peace of mind of high net worth individuals and their families while they are on the road. Traffic accidents are the single largest cause of fatalities for travelers, with the World Health Organization (WHO) stating that there are road fatalities per 100,000 vehicles.

While there is no driver who can assure that the trip will be 100% accident-free, as there are numerous factors in play apart from the driver’s skills, selecting drivers with great records can highly mitigate the risk and reduce the probability of accidents.

In order for a driver to become part of the team, he should be vetted against strict criteria by professionals with international experience. Factors such as personal backgrounds, traffic and criminal records, and specialized training are scrutinized.

The vehicles are also checked to ensure that these are safe and comfortable enough for the VIP clients.

These drivers are also subjected to confidentiality clauses and individual NDAs. Part of the job is to maintain the anonymity of their passengers. There are consequences if this confidentiality is violated.

This is why executive protection companies have a stable of drivers in their network whom they can trust not just in providing comfort and convenience, but also schooled in the security aspects such as defensive and evasive tactics and looking out for potential threats.

  • Global Security Operation Centers

Keeping VIPs secure during travel entails the use of a wide network that serves as a one-stop shop for communication, connectivity, intelligence, and emergency backup services. This is essential in keeping track of the security of the VIP, his family, and entourage.

Travel intelligence is always updated and daily reports are exchanged in monitoring threats, from general and acute ones to specific threats connected to principals, such as persons or groups of interest, and more.

The services that these centers can provide will depend on the client’s needs and preferences. These include secured GPS tracking devices, daily reports on the VIP’s movements and locations, and 24/7 emergency backup, including rapid deployment of local resources if necessary.

  • Executive Protection Agents

The agents responsible for providing close protection bring an extra dimension of security for the traveling VIP. They are responsible for a myriad of tasks. They have to check the itinerary venues in advance, stay close to the client and his family members while they do their business or leisure.

Checking into hotels for the client to increase anonymity, and coordinating with the locals to make sure that the client can do what needs to be done especially in an unfamiliar setting.

All of the said tasks, reliable agents have to do while blending in with the environment at the same time.


Your Trusted Private Security for International Travel

If the VIP and his family require more discretion, the security agency can also provide covert protection and surveillance detection on top of all these. This puts a distance between client and agent, but the latter can still stop threats quickly even at a distance from the client.

Keeping a high net worth individual and his family safe during their travels is a complicated job. This requires the services of a top-notch security company is needed to provide executive protection agents who are up to the task of safeguarding high-profile individuals.

Image by JayJayV from Pixabay

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