BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 3, 2021 — The World Protection Group has developed new standards of protection for high-profile executives, celebrities, and billionaires. WPG is a leader in Executive Protection operations and Privacy Services for the most visible clients. Our new standards and guidelines are outlined below and encouraged for everyone who desires the highest level of security and the protection of oneself, property, and data.

The new guidelines require that you follow these essential steps, which have just been created by our security experts. First, you must undergo a thorough assessment of your personal information exposure online. After this, you should remove all personal information from any public database, this includes your address, email, and phone numbers. Once this has been done, you should replace your information with fake addresses and phone numbers.

Strict control of all privacy settings are absolutely necessary as these limit access to your information. Such tight security privacy settings will prevent data brokers from acquiring and sharing your data online. The enhanced guidelines also outline that a secure and reputable VPN should be installed on all devices and, when possible, put a freeze on credit to prevent identity theft.

Privacy and Confidentiality are Luxury

2021 calls for anonymity in every aspect of life. To promote this high level of protection, WPG has also published an important document on how to keep yourself anonymous. These processes are intense and thorough, reflecting the seriousness in which WPG approaches its Executive Protection.

There have been examples of high profile celebrities failing to keep their information secure, which leads to potentially dangerous situations. These situations are completely avoidable by following the new guidelines from WPG.

It is urged that all high profile individuals and billionaires do not have their address accessible anywhere on the internet and refrain from receiving any mail at their home address. Put this into practice before you even buy your home by ensuring all real estate agents involved sign an NDA and then put the home into a living trust or LCC so that your name is not connected to the property.

Celebrities and executives should never post their home address online. Chris Brown repeatedly made this mistake by using his real address on a yard sale, and every bad guy now has his address. This is a security nightmare that has cost him both privacy and security. Following the above-outlined guidelines from WPG will ensure that your property is protected and remains off the internet. Never post your address and remove it from all accounts and websites which could suffer a data breach.

WPG also points to the importance of using anonymous phones to prevent data breaches similar to what Jeff Bezos suffered during his cheating scandal. The team has designed a step-by-step guide to buying and using a fully anonymous phone which will keep your data out of the hands of dangerous individuals, hackers, and fraudsters. This is done by having no connection to the billionaires and the phone by using fake information and encrypted apps to communicate.

WPG urges all clients and high profile individuals to purchase their phones with cash and to set up the phone with fully anonymous information. Only use a prepaid service and never use public WiFi. All apps should be encrypted and kept to a minimum. When entering any information, have at least 9 aliases to choose from. The new guidelines also stipulate that no phone calls should be made from this phone and only encrypted texting apps should be used.

The 2021 enhanced privacy guidelines are essential for all high profile executives, celebrities, and billionaires. The World Protection Group has developed these guidelines in close collaboration with our world class privacy experts.

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