Regular travel is becoming an inevitable part of life for high-profile executives and celebrities. Whether they are traveling weekly for business or embarking on a global world tour, high-quality, comprehensive security is imperative for every stop along the way. Depending on the client’s travel destination, their security requirements will need to be addressed in various ways due to restrictions related to licenses and permits. However, the approach should always remain the same: proactive and preventative.

Executive Protection Advances

Before any trip, the protection detail will carry out a comprehensive advance of all locations prior to the start of the trip.. A protective advance is critical as it allows the team to gather all kinds of data and intelligence before the client reaches the destination. During an advance, the team will thoroughly plan everything for the client, including mapping out every travel route, even ones that seem innocuous, such as to restaurants or event venues. But this is critical to ensure that risks are foreseen and planned for in advance, including potential escape routes or contingency plans in case something unforeseen arises, such as a road closure.

Advances also include a thorough investigation of where the client will be staying while they are traveling. This would include everything from evaluating security measures at the hotel or residence where they are staying to mapping out the local area and knowing where the nearest hospital is and if there are any risks or dangerous individuals in the vicinity.

Carrying out detailed executive protection advances is essential to a proactive security approach. The protection company is able to plan ahead and keep the client far away from harm and danger, even when traveling abroad or  in a new location. This kind of intelligence gathering elevates the security service provided and is necessary for high profile clients who travel often or are targets for criminals.

On the Ground Support

Due to how private security licenses work, it is not always possible for clients to take their own security team with them wherever they travel. However, high profile protection companies like The World Protection Group are highly experienced with international travel security and have an extensive network across the world. This network naturally includes international security companies, protection consultants, guides, and drivers. Having this type of trusted security network means that clients can be confident and completely comfortable traveling pretty much anywhere in the world.

Having this type of group support comes with additional benefits. For example, the local security support will be incredibly familiar with the local terrain, laws, and how the authorities operate. Should there be any difficulty for the client during their stay, the local security will know how to navigate these systems with ease and subtlety for the client’s convenience.

Working with on the ground teams means that there will also be effective emergency plans put into place. These can range from safe rooms to evacuation plans in case a dangerous situation unfolds.

Travel with Confidence

With the WPG, high profile executives, billionaires,and celebrities can travel with confidence, knowing that their safety is assured. WPG has elite security protocols that ensure careful planning and a completely proactive approach toward security. 

Travel can come with all types of risks, from strikes and protests to breakdowns in transport and even natural disasters. To stay safe, clients need to choose a security team that is forward thinking and preventative, thinking ahead in order to plan around any type of risk that could possibly arise.

By working with international on the ground security teams from the local area, clients will be escorted discreetly through their travels. WPG also understands that clients may need to travel at the drop of a hat, and immediate, short notice measures are almost always possible. 

Client safety and comfort are always the top priorities for an executive protection company. Ensuring that risks are mitigated and avoided wherever possible, regardless of the client’s travel destination, is an integral part of the job and is consistently executed through comprehensive planning and intelligence gathering.

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