Two security guards, who escorted rapper Lil Wayne to a nightclub in Indiana, now face charges of impersonating police officers. The two men led a caravan of tour buses in a car with sirens and flashing red and blue lights while also wearing police-like uniforms and gun belts. These two security guards serve as a great example of what not to do and unfortunately counterfeit cops are not uncommon. It is incidents like this that give the Security industry a bad name! Before deciding on an Executive Protection firm, there are several questions a client may consider. They may ask themselves why they really need an executive protection agent and the answer is the same as needing the best attorney, doctor, or accountant because this person is responsible for the safety of the individual and their family. With this is mind, the client may then ask why not hire an off duty police officer, but most law enforcement officers do not have any executive protection training, something that is more preventative then reactive. The same goes for a guard or uniformed officer – they lack the hours of training a qualified executive protection holds and as seen in the Lil Wayne example, do not always have the best judgment due to their lack of training.