“We protect also our clients from COVID”

The novel Coronavirus, Covid-19, has completely changed how we live our lives and our expectations around safety and health. More than ever, a person’s health may be put at risk by being in close spaces with different people due to how the virus is transmitted.

Personal protection is a very important decision to make for high profile executives, billionaires, and celebrities. It is only natural that executive protection agents work very closely with their clients to ensure their safety at all times. If a client therefore only wants to work with protection agents who have been vaccinated, it is the duty of the agency to ensure this is possible.

This should not be done by forcing any agents to be vaccinated as this goes against personal freedoms and liberties. However, any new protection agents should be vaccinated as this will ensure they will be able to work with the majority of clients without issue.

How Covid-19 Impacts the Executive Protection Industry

Since the beginning of 2020, many industries have faced unprecedented challenges related to the Covid-19 outbreak and the executive protection industry is no different. Alongside the usual services provided by elite executive protection companies, there is now also the need to prevent clients from catching Covid from any protection agent or employee they may encounter.

The best executive protection companies are dedicated and fully committed to keeping their clients safe and respecting all requests to only come in contact with vaccinated executive protection agents. It is vital that clients feel safe and protected from all risks and dangers and that their desires are respected when it comes to health concerns.

You need to choose an executive protection company that offers elite security services and can adapt to new and unexpected challenges. It is essential to choose a company who hires protection agents that have hundreds of hours of relevant training. This ensures that you will be adequately protected from all types of threats and that unnecessary dangerous encounters are avoided altogether. Proper training, rather than size and flashy guns, is the key to keeping clients safe.

Many rich and famous individuals choose to hire a flashy protection agent who does not know how to safely escort their client away from danger quickly and quietly. They think that large or ex-military agents are the most intimidating and therefore the most effective. But oftentimes, these agents lack the right type of training which can actually lead to more risk down the line.

Instead, high profile individuals should opt for a company that emphasizes skill, expertise, and relevant protection training. Additionally, there is now the need to look for a company that will respect your boundaries when it comes to Covid-19 and the desire to only have vaccinated people around.

The World Protection Group is serious about all types of safety and security, which is why the Covid-19 and vaccination policies are strict and put client needs first. 

Clients Protection Comes First

For the World Protection Group, client safety and protection is always the No. 1 priority, whether it is against dangerous individuals or Covid. While we ensure our executive protection agents are free to make their own personal choices about their bodies and healthcare, we will respect our clients who express the need to only hire vaccinated agents. Our clients’ needs regarding Covid vaccination and protection come first and we will only provide vaccinated agents to those who require it.

There are many people in the executive protection industry who are former military or law enforcement and they may be hesitant to receive the vaccination for a number of reasons. Agents will not be thrown out of their employment due to their personal beliefs or reservations. However, these individuals are now very limited in terms of what jobs they can be put on or which clients they can work with.

This is why any future employees, from office administrators to executive protection agents will need to be vaccinated. The World Protection Group is protecting very important clients, among them celebrities, billionaires, politicians,  and very high profile executives. One of the worst possible outcomes would be an agent passing on Covid to their client and anyone in the client’s orbit. This can lead to lawsuits and legal troubles.

When you are protecting someone, it is not just about the singular client. It is also about their family and friends that they want to protect from Covid as well.

At the end of the day, Covid is bigger than an individual agent. If an agent is not willing to get vaccinated then they will automatically be incredibly limited in their job. They will not only have access to far fewer clients, but they will also be limited in how they can interact with and help clients. An executive protection agent should always have their client as their first priority and will understand why vaccination about Covid is now part of the job.

The last thing any protection agent and executive protection company wants is for a client to get Covid because of them. This is all about forging a safer future for clients and for the company itself. While no one will be left behind, those coming into the company are expected to keep client safety as a priority and receive the vaccination and booster to ensure this.

When choosing who protects you and your family and property, choose an executive protection company that understands the challenges and growing requirements of the industry, from specific training and protection methods to vaccination and booster requirements.

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