One of the many questions we are asked is: How do high-net-worth individuals pay for executive protection? The answer is simple: Executive Protection pays for itself by creating a return on investment (ROI) for the CEO, paying 100% for their protection services.

Many make the mistake of believing that Executive Protection is about only being a bodyguard. What protection comes down to is careful meticulous planning and client time management. With all of the time saved, you can make it to more meetings, do more work, and make more money.

For example, if a billionaire is driving himself to essential meetings, they may only make it to four meetings a day. However, with executive protection, you can save time and ultimately make more money, some of which will pay for the services. The goal of the executive protection team is to maximize the number of daily meetings daily to create value just on the CEO, celebrity’s time management.

Here’s how security saves time, increases productivity and time management:

Run Routes ahead of time

Agents run the daily routes so that they can make sure the high-net-worth individual can make it to more meetings and on time. Think of these like practice tests so that they can track their time on different routes to find which is the most efficient. Our agents compare the various routes to learn which path is best and most efficient. While one way may look slower on paper, running the route can prove that it’s the fastest option because it’s a less congested area with little traffic.

Know Traffic Patterns

Our agents know traffic patterns. They know when it’s high-level traffic and when traffic is low so that our clients can get to their meetings on time. They also work with clients when it comes to scheduling for confirmation of times when traffic will be at its lowest or for schedule so that they can plan to leave at a particular time. Our agents also know the areas in which accidents happen. While they can’t predict an accident, more accidents may occur at one intersection than another. Knowing this, our agents can easily predict traffic patterns and help our clients get to their destination faster and safer.

Coordinated Intelligence and Advances

Our agents go to the location ahead of time to learn where they’re going to park the car and so that they can get the lay of the land and know where to get in and out. This is especially beneficial in cities where parking could be difficult and cause clients to be late. Our agents make sure to follow a schedule and get clients to meetings.

Consider your Productivity

When you’re spending an hour driving to and from meetings, that’s valuable time that you could be spending being productive and making more money for yourself and your business. When you have a security driver, you’re free to sit back and do more work. You can even allow yourself time to prepare for the meetings, instead of staying up late the night before to cram on a presentation.

Hiring executive protection creates ROI, so instead of four meetings a day. A billionaire can successfully make it to more meetings and make more money, allowing executive protection to pay for itself. Executive protection allows you the freedom to work more and accomplish more tasks, keeping your business running strong while you stay safe.