World Protection Group WPG is an international company that offers reliable and convenient security services. This company offers full-service and specialized executive protection. Unlike most protection firms, the security personnels of this firm are heavily armed and disciplined. This company serves all major cities and regions across the globe. This firm specializes in all aspects of security including personal threat concerns, random crime, invasion of privacy, residential security and any other aspect or security concern.

Our techniques, approach and training are great as the method of training is based on United State Secret Service Model. We are the best security company you can find not only in the US but across the globe. We offer top quality and specialized security to all our clients. If you’re a prominent businessman/woman or you learn a corporate that requires executive or specialized protection respectfully, don’t hesitate to contact us.

All our security personnels are armed and disciplined. They are up-to task. We are the best security company known to offer executive protection to our clients. We determine the potential threat of every client to be able to offer the necessary protection. We have complied with all the government regulations and have met all the necessary threshold to offer distinguished services to all our clients.

We offer 24-hours security service, and all our guards are armed. We also offer additional security support depending on the nature of the threat. We use modern security equipment and apparatus to ensure that our clients or businesses that we are manning are safe and secure.

We also offer estate security, corporate security and k9 services. We have modern electronic security systems that help increase efficiency and convenience. Unlike other security companies, we are fully dedicated to work and we deliver the best security services to all our clients, estates and much more. We offer surveillance, family security programs, background checks and yacht security. We are the best company for threat management and security site assessment and much more.

World Protection Group protects your most valuable assets, property, people and information. We offer rapid security response in case of a security threat. All our clients are safe and their properties are secure. If you’re looking for the best, experienced and highly equipped security company, WPG must be what you’re looking for. All that you need is to just give us a call or contact us for more security and protection related information.

Our main aim is to ensure security and safety of all our clients and their goods. We offer specialized security to political dignitaries, corporate staffs, entertainment organizations, corporate security, celebrities and high net-worth individuals and also their family members. Personal security is very important; WPG assures complete discretion, confidence, and loyalty. We are highly trained in this field and all our security agents are disciplined. We are also a member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, the AFRAGARD, OSAC and IACSP. We are the best, reliable and most reputable security firm you can find not only in the US but also internationally.