Billionaires can have anything they want at the drop of a hat. So what commodity is rare or most precious to them? The answer might surprise you.

It’s privacy.

As a high-level executive, billionaire, or celebrity, privacy is the single hardest thing to find and maintain. Most security teams have no idea how to give their clients privacy and complete security. This can leave billionaires and celebrities exposed to security risks and daily invasions into their lives.  They are only concerned about their physical protection.

The World Protection Group and our 001 luxury security services provide more than personal protection agents. We also help our clients create completely anonymous phones for encrypted communications, one of the most important things you can have for a private, secure life. 

What is an Anonymous Phone?

An anonymous phone is one of the most crucial elements of maintaining a private life. It will help you keep your details confidential and off the internet. This means you will have an increased level of safety and privacy.

Essentially an anonymous phone is a phone that cannot be connected to its user in any way. This requires a lot of groundwork to ensure that the phone is not traceable and allows its user full access to a minimum but necessary apps, without sacrificing security.

It is important to note that an anonymous phone is not a burner phone. These are intended for long term use within specific parameters to maintain privacy and confidentiality.

Our 001 luxury services will help you through every step of the process to get an anonymous phone set up with thorough guidance on how to use it properly.

How to Get an Anonymous Phone

When you are trying to set up an anonymous phone, there are a few key steps that must be followed. Failure to do so could result in your identity being tied to the phone which will defeat its intended purpose.

Keep reading to learn how you can get your own anonymous phone.

The first thing to know is that Apple phones are considered the best when it comes to privacy and security. Compared to other phone manufacturers, Apple has a well-deserved reputation for keeping their customers’ data safe making it the clear choice for an anonymous phone.

The Apple phone should be paid for in cash to ensure there is not a paper trail and registered using an alias. There should be no issue using an alias and this will protect your identity and details. 

How to Use Your Anonymous Phone

The work is not done after the phone is purchased. Most important is how you use the anonymous phone, which will ensure that your details cannot be hacked or discovered.

First and foremost, is that Google and gmail should never be used. Google will track activity and gmail is a highly discoverable server which has the potential to leave its users very vulnerable online.

Instead, only DuckDuckGo should be used as a search engine. You might not have heard of this search engine before but it puts special emphasis on protecting its users’ privacy and avoids having a filter based on personalized results.

You will also need to ditch traditional phone calls and texting and replace them with encrypted apps. The World Protection Group knows the right apps to use that will protect your identity, support multiple aliases, and keep your phone anonymous no matter what. These apps even allow for multiple aliases to be used for different purposes, each with its own phone number and email address for ease of use.

Another essential thing to remember is that your real phone number from this phone should never be given out to anyone, not even friends and family. That is because this phone will never be used to make or receive calls or texts. All communication will go through the carefully selected encrypted apps.

It Takes Commitment

The services provided by the World Protection Group and our 001 elite services do require commitment from our clients. There needs to be dedication to this lifestyle and true privacy in order for your anonymous phone to serve its purpose.

There will be some sacrifices in convenience to make this lifestyle work, but if privacy is what you desire, then having an anonymous phone is an important addition to your life.

Our specialists know exactly what it takes to create a truly anonymous lifestyle and will lend our expertise to your unique needs. This process will require cooperation, commitment, and trust in the value of complete privacy and security.

Therefore, the decision to have an anonymous life and phone may not be suitable for everyone. You have to be very certain that this is what you need and stick to the guidance provided to you by our specialists and agents. However, if you are sure that privacy is a priority in your life, then there is no better service to choose. No one else in the industry has the knowledge or experience necessary to help you create an anonymous lifestyle.

The WPG Difference

Other security firms do not understand that privacy and security run deeper than just personal guards or agents. You have to help your clients achieve privacy both online and off. The World Protection Group understands this difference which is why our expertise is wide ranging and designed for overall, thorough privacy.

Our services are so specialised that we can only take on a limited number of 001 clients each year. We work very closely with our clients and respond to their needs while imparting clear and decisive advice that is certain to keep them safe and their information and private details secure,

At the end of the day, you will not be able to find our level of services anywhere else. If privacy is your definition of luxury, then our 001 specialists are the only experts who can help you achieve that luxurious, secure lifestyle.  Privacy is Luxury.

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