When you are a high-net-worth individual, you want to protect your privacy, confidentiality,  and avoid any potential security issues. It is especially true when it comes to your home and family. You never want to put your loved ones in a dangerous situation that should have been avoided. One of the best ways to enhance your executive security when you are a billionaire is never to get your mail at home. 

When you give your address to anyone for mailing purposes, your address goes into databases where anyone can find you. People can then use this information to go to your home and cause harm to you or your loved ones. 

When Purchasing your Home

Before you get comfortable in your new home, there are a few things to do to ensure your security and make sure your mail never comes to your home.  Please make sure the real estate agent signs an NDA before you buy the house, so they do not leak to the media that you purchased that home. Put the home in a trust or LLC name so there is no connection to that home and you.  This will help to ensure that your address and name are not listed and you can get the privacy and security you deserve when it comes to your residence. Have a professional that understands to remove all your personal information from the internet.  Inform and have that professional train your family never to use that address for any reason. Use a PO box as your real address.

Your Mail

When you start to receive mail at your house, your name is entered into databases where almost anyone can find you. Instead, have your mail sent to a mailbox, or PO box. This will help make sure that you can’t be easily found by those who would wish to do you and your family harm.

If You Are Already Receiving Mail

If your mail is already sent to your residence, you will change the home to a trust or LLC. There is a database removal process which takes changing it several times with various post offices over months, and takes about a year for your address to be removed or appear lower on the list so that it looks like you no longer live there.

If you have made the mistake of having your mail sent directly to your home, it’s better to have the information removed from all databases before it becomes a security issue. While you may not have experienced one yet, it’s better to be proactive instead of reactive.

What About Your Bills?

The goal is to help you get all of your personal information off of the internet. Mail is a big part of this. Phone bills, electric bills, gas bills, and all things that are typically connected to the house should be registered in a different fake name. The statements themselves should also never go to the house. Instead, have them sent with your other mail to the PO box.