Over the past few years, security has become more complicated than before. As new threats emerge, high-profile clients are exposed to more dangers. From physical to digital, it is important to  keep yourself protected at all times anywhere you go. 

This is why today’s private security is equipped with the latest tools and technology available. As threats become more diverse, so does the equipment – which is why employing high-level technology into the fold greatly enhances a security agency’s capability. At World Protection Group, we employ a system called gTHIRA (Geocentric Threat Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment System), giving us the ability to assess threats across different locations. 

Drones have also become a part of private security equipment, as they provide a great amount of information that agents can use to assess various situations. With technology at our disposal, here are the advantages of using them to assess different kinds of risks and vulnerabilities agents experience on the field:

What is gTHIRA?

But first, let’s go into what it is. gTHIRA is a software built for the security industry, with the goal of providing a more comprehensive way to assess and evaluate threats across different locations across the world. It is an information-giving system that gathers data about threats and hazards. 

This software allows us to analyze continents, countries and cities, helping us identify different types of threats and hazards present. Each area you view contains data that allows you to perform proper risk management. While some types of security software can be hard to use or activate, gTHIRA can be accessed using any internet browser, allowing you to assess an area anywhere you go. 

The amount of data you can view using gTHIRA is vast, and includes geographical data, borders, roads, weather, and news reports. For news reports, the information received will be used by the system and categorized as one of the 49 threats and hazards listed. 

The data is presented through easy-to-view graphs and charts, providing a comprehensive data bank that allows private security to perform the best risk and vulnerability management. Infrastructure can also be assessed using gTHIRA, helping scout if certain locations are vulnerable to certain threats. These areas can also be evaluated using gTHIRA, providing a vulnerability survey that provides the system with more information it can use. 

Risks and threats can come in any form and can happen anytime and anywhere. By using systems like gTHIRA, you have a reliable system that can alert you of all the possible risks in any location around the globe. 

Advantages of gTHIRA

Now that we know what gTHIRA is and how it works, here are the advantages of having it for private security:

  • Access a huge amount of data anywhere you go – gTHIRA can be accessed using different kinds of web browsers and devices, making sure that you have the necessary information at all times. 
  • Identify all kinds of threats and hazards – With 49 different categories of hazards in the system database, you can identify all possible risk scenarios before even arriving at the location. 
  • Easy to use and view – The color-coded nature of data presented in gTHIRA helps see important information quicker. Much of the data is also streamlined, making sure that everything can be accessed in one location. 
  • Infrastructure assessment – it is important to know if a facility is safe to access, which is why gTHIRA’s assessment feature will help you know if a location is vulnerable to any type of risks that can harm your client. 

It’s important to have the best security system in place, and gTHIRA is one piece of software that provides more capability on the field and creates a safer, more secure environment. 

Remote Recon: Drones and Private Security

Among the many types of technology security agencies use, drones are one of them. Over the past few decades, it is downright amazing just how drone technology has vastly improved. 

What was once a military device is now a popular civilian product that people use to take aerial images and videos. And while drones are now more common, the military and security still use them for their primary purpose: reconnaissance and risk assessment. 

Drones come in different sizes. Some are small enough to fit inside a suitcase, while there are larger ones that have better range and reconnaissance capability. These drones help give you an advantage by helping you see threats across vast distances. Drone cameras are known for their high quality and zooming capability, which allows you to see any risk or threat clearly. 

For security that travels and moves regularly, drones are an invaluable tool that gives information on the go. 

Advantages of Using Drones in Private Security

To learn more about the capabilities that drones provide, here are the advantages of using them for private security:

  • Highly Portable – One of the advantages of drones is their portability;  allowing you to set them up to fly in small and narrow areas. 
  • Flight – The ability to fly gives private security more information they can use on the ground, helping them see any threats or risks across long distances. Drones can fly for a number of hours ensuring that risks and threats can be scoped out early.
  • Easy to Control – One of the best things about drones is that they are easy to use. It would not take long for agents to learn how to set up and operate these drones, allowing them to operate them in a matter of minutes. 

Technology is an important element of modern private security. By having these systems in place, agencies are able to perform their job to the best of their ability and ensure complete safety. 

Protect Your World

With so many risks present for high-profile clientele, choosing the best executive protection agents that provides them with what they need should be the number one priority. With our 5000 agents with backgrounds in the Secret Service and military protection as well as our access to the latest equipment available, we are definitely more than qualified to provide the security they deserve.

And with our offices located in the United States, China, and Mexico, WPG ensures that we can protect our clients globally. Personal security is of great importance to us; our primary mandate is for our clients to feel safe at all times and keep them free from any threats that might come their way. 

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