You might think that everything is expendable or replaceable for billionaires, celebrities and high profile executives. After all, they can just buy another if something is broken or lost, right? But there are some things that money just cannot buy, no matter how rich or famous you are. One of these things is a key to happiness and that is privacy and safety. Money can only get you so much, you also need a security and protection team that uses expertise, high level training, and first hand experience to protect and enhance privacy.

Keep reading  to find out why billionaires often lack privacy even when they have security, the dangers that can come with this lack of privacy and how the right executive protection team and experience can ensure that privacy and safety go hand in hand.

Why You Need an Anonymous Lifestyle

If you are a billionaire or a very high profile individual there is a good chance that you have felt your privacy was invaded before and this may have even led to a threat to your physical safety. This is reason enough to pursue an anonymous lifestyle, but there are other benefits as well such as an enhanced feeling of confidence in your home, transportation, or hotel rooms and a greater feeling of mental security that can lead to less stress and worries.

Due to the work and expertise of the founder of the World Protection Group, 001 luxury protection services can provide anyone with an anonymous lifestyle, even the biggest A list stars. This might seem impossible, but it is very achievable with some commitment and a few lifestyle changes. 

How You Can Achieve an Anonymous Lifestyle

There are a few very important steps to creating an anonymous lifestyle that will need to be followed closely to ensure that once you are living anonymously, it stays that way.

One of the most important things that needs to happen is that you have to change the way you engage with everyday technology, such as your phone and laptop. With the help and guidance of 001 protection services, you will be able to require an anonymous phone, which is the key to keeping all of your correspondences safe and private.

What is an anonymous phone? Simply put, it is a phone that cannot be traced back to its owner through any form of tracking of calls or messages. Communications sent from the device are kept secure and anonymous with the use of aliases and fake numbers all from one mobile device.

The phone needs to be purchased with cash and under a false name to ensure that it cannot be tracked to you in any way. Once you have the phone, make sure that you remove all unencrypted messaging apps, including Gmail which is not nearly as secure as many people think it is.

001 will provide you with the top encrypted apps for calls and messaging. You will never make a call or send a text message directly from the mobile phone. Instead, you will use these encrypted apps that you can create different aliases from, including separate numbers that can be used all from the same phone. No one can trace these different numbers to your actual device which ensures safe correspondence. 001 suggests the invention and use of several full aliases, complete with their own names, numbers and addresses that can be used for different parts of your life, such as for business or online shopping.

It is also recommended that you use a faraday bag. These are bags that you can place your mobile phone and laptop inside off to prevent tracking. How? These bags are essentially a shield that block electromagnetic fields. You may opt to place your phone within the faraday bag a few miles away from your home so that no one can follow your location or find out where your home is due to device tracking or hacking.

Staying Anonymous 

With the luxury 001 protection services you can rest assured that your life will become anonymous and you can finally enjoy some privacy and a feeling of true security. However, to make sure that your lifestyle stays anonymous in the long term, you do need to be committed to the lifestyle changes and be consistent. This means always using the encrypted apps, switching to more private browsers–even if they are less familiar–and using your aliases carefully.

You only need to look at a few instances of billionaires slipping up or not being anonymous at all to see the dangers. Take Jeff Bezos as an example. He was using his personal cell phone to communicate with his mistress, which resulted in a divorce that cost him literally billions of dollars. His security team seriously let him down. If they had been clued in, they would have ensured that  these types of communications were handled on a phone that could not be tracked. They essentially left him vulnerable to blackmailing.

001 services will never leave you open to these kinds of threats. It is a fully rounded service that keeps you physically safe and fully protects your information and correspondences.

Picking the Right Executive Protection Team and Service

Some may feel that having a large scale security team made up of giant security or protection agents is all you need to feel safe. However, this is underestimating how important a sense of real, authentic privacy really is. This is why no billionaire or celebrity should settle for an ordinary security detail that might guard their physical safety, but ignore their mental and emotional wellbeing. Instead, these high profile individuals need to opt for a luxury protection service like 001 that takes care of safety, security, and privacy.

How did the experts at 001 design the anonymous lifestyle? It took research, an in depth understanding of how technology can be used against high profile individuals, and first and foremost first hand experience. When crafting the anonymous lifestyle, the leaders at 001 actually lived the experience to ensure that it was effective, thorough, and covered all the bases.

This deep level of dedication to security and privacy is very rare in the industry. When you use 001 luxury protection services, you know you are in safe and practiced hands, with protection agents and experts who know exactly what they are doing and will go above and beyond to provide the highest level experience and keep your anonymous lifestyle secure.

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