The World Protection Group (WPG) was contacted by a monastery who was organizing the travel of a very high profile monk. This holy man was a frequent flyer as he traveled the world meeting with university presidents, religious leaders and politicians as well as tending to his followers. Because of his spiritual status, the monk was considered to be sacred as was his clothing and belongings. The monk was not to be touched by other people as it was thought to dilute his energy.

WPG was asked to escort the holy man from his chauffeured vehicle curbside at LAX through TSA Security and to his plane. The monastery wanted the least distraction possible for the monk and for WPG to ensure both the privacy and holiness of this individual.

WPG began by contacting TSA at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Via numerous phone  calls in the weeks leading up to the escort, we planned with TSA how they might do a thorough security search of this individual while respecting his religious beliefs. TSA was extremely helpful in the process and suggested private rooms, full body scanners, and self pat downs to avoid human to human contact and/or to enhance the privacy of this individual.

Lufthansa and LAX issued security passes for our executive protection agents which allowed them access through security, into the private  lounges and all the way to the plane door.   They also worked with us to ensure that our client could proceed to the head of the TSA Security line and avoid being bumped and shuffled in the longer queues.

WPG Executive Protection Agents escorted the client through security negotiating with TSA on his behalf to ensure that his rights were being respected. There were no conflicts, just two teams working to move this individual through security in the most effective manner while not compromising TSA standards or the client’s beliefs.

Arriving at the lounge, WPG executive protection agents secured a small area for the client to perform his rituals and prayers before escorting him to his airplane en route for Europe.