Executive Protection Agent Training Programs

The World Protection Group is known within the security industry for having the most highly-trained and effective executive protection agents. One of our crucial ingredients is our executive protection agent training programs which we provide for our own staff as well as outside individuals. We provide this training at our facilities in Beverly Hills, California, and all over the world through our mobile training unit.

Our training programs are highly-customized, with a special emphasis on advance work, high level encrypted technology, & protective intelligence. Having a global network of instructors allows us to effectively teach while maintaining respect for the culture and skill level of our client. Our work begins with assessment and development of the vision for the client and ends with mentoring and the implementation of sustainable practices.

Our clients include Celebrities, High Net-Worth Families, Corporate Security Departments, Sovereign Governments, US Law Enforcement and Security Professionals.

Saturday June 22, 2019 09:00-17:30
Saturday November 23, 2019 09:00-17:30
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Gold Standard Training

This course is based on The Ritz-Carlton gold standard of memorable customer service and excellent service culture training but with the World Protection Group’s Gold Standard of customer service. Improve your interpersonal skills by taking this course designed specifically for the security industry.

4 BSIS credit hours


  • Gold Standard of customer service
  • Great Communication Skills
  • Employee promises
  • Credo, Vision, Why, Vision, and Motto
  • Memorable customer experience
  • Creating a WOW for your customer
  • Anticipate of the needs of the client
  • Radar on/Antenna Up

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 09:00-13:00
Thursday, August 22, 2019 15:00-19:00
Wednesday, October 16, 2019 09:00-13:00
Thursday, December 12, 2019 15:00-19:00

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One Day Executive Protection and Protective Intelligence Training

4 BSIS credit hours

Introduction to Executive Protection and Protective Intelligence

The World Protection Group a combined basics of Executive Protection and Protective Intelligence Training that will combine institutional techniques, instructions and practical exercises. The class will primarily focus on providing fundamental intelligence techniques for executive protection agents, law enforcement and security professionals to proactively identify, assess and manage threats and the vulnerabilities associated with them. Further, the class will delve into how to build a complete protection program by implementing protective intelligence tasks, conducting threat assessments and mitigating risks. This training will show you how technology is transforming protective intelligence in the twenty-first century.

Executive protection agents must learn how to prevent and respond to attacks on your protectee. The skills taught will apply to both law enforcement operations as well as private security protective operations. This is proactive training; in executive protection there should never be any incident of force. The material will be taught with a combination of classroom time and some basic exercises.

The World Protection Group is intelligence-based executive protection and threat management company devoted to the analysis and circumvention of threats through protective intelligence.


  • Cover and Evacuate the Principal
  • Protective Intelligence
  • Detail Leader responsibility
  • Advance Planning
  • Three Rings of Protection
  • Dress, Etiquette, Ethics and Teamwork
  • Kidnapping, Assassination case studies
  • The Go Bag – Weapons, Equipment, and Medical Supplies
  • Basic Protective Formations for small protection details
  • Defensive Tactics for the Executive Protection Agent
  • Using Intelligence when Conducting Threat Assess
  • Utilizing Databases
  • Collecting Open Source Intelligence
  • Writing and Analyzing Intelligence Reports
  • Disrupting the Attack Cycle through Intelligence
  • Learning to Use Protective Intelligence in every Protective Detail
  • Utilizing a state of the art intelligence system (g-Thira) that analyzes 60,000 live feeds from around the world & identifies 50 types of threats
  • Connecting a Vulnerability/Risk Assessment to Real Time Intelligence
  • Implementing the Intelligence Cycle
  • Social Media Intelligence
  • Setting up an anonymous cell phone
  • Encrypted communications for all protection details

Saturday May 11, 2019 09:00-17:30
Saturday July 13, 2019 9:00-17:30
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Executive Protection Mobile Training Unit

In addition to our Los Angeles-based course, we have a mobile training unit that brings custom-designed courses to your location. We provide 3 days of executive protection agent training involving classroom technique (80%) and practical exercises (20%) – a balance that can be adjusted based on your requirements. Classes tend to focus on international travel safety, large international events, and small high profile events in various risk scenarios (high, medium, low). The World Protection Group’s philosophy and methods are based on those of the U.S. Secret Service and emphasize proactive and preventative security. Each class is taught by two instructors who bring diverse strengths and experiences to the training, but also create a good dynamic in the classroom to break up the monotony of a single speaker during the course of an 8-10 hour day.

Classes are generally based around classroom learning but also integrate 2-3 hours of practical exercises over the course of the 3 days, which also helps for team building. Our training programs also include custom-designed training curricula for in-house security teams that require annual training or wish to improve their current system with state-of-the-art knowledge in preventive protection.

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About World Protection Group CEO Kent Moyer

Mr. Kent Moyer is a respected authority on executive protection and managed hundreds of threat cases for high profile corporate and individual clients.
Mr. Moyer has accumulated over 2,000 hours of training in executive and dignitary protection and has logged thousands of hours of practical field protection details. He is a graduate of the Executive Security Institute (ESI) with a degree in Criminal Justice and the Executive Protection Institute – both credited executive protection academies recommended by the FBI and U.S. Secret Service.

Also, certified by the FBI as a law enforcement firearms instructor, a graduate of the National Law Enforcement Training Center (NLETC), and the Los Angeles and Orange County Sheriff’s Academy. In 2003, he was recognized as the Deputy Sheriff of the Year for the Diplomatic Protection Unit (DPU) for a local sheriff department where he currently serves as its training officer and a member of the Dignitary Protection Unit.

Mr. Moyer is an active author and speaker on security and security-related topics and is a member of many professional security and law enforcement organizations including: ASIS International, Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP), California Association of Licensed Security Guard Agencies & Associates (CALSAGA), California Reserve Peace Officers Association, Orange County Peace Officers Association and the International Association for Counterterrorism.

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