9e8a75ad661d6131905d115499b8fd51Estate Security: Increasing Safety While Decreasing Cost.

The World Protection Group was contacted by a Forbes 400 Family to provide a quote on round-the-clock security at their Southern California home. Prior to providing a quote, WPG consulted extensively with the Family Office and the on-site Security Director (at no charge) to assess what was currently in place and what improvements they wanted or needed to make to their security program.  Read More.

6c2d88c76e9b54ccd3c2d48faf58d50cEscort of High Profile Religious Figure Through LAX

The World Protection Group was contacted by a monastery who was organizing the travel of a very high profile monk. This holy man was a frequent flyer, and because of his spiritual status was considered to be sacred as was his clothing and belongings. The monk was not to be touched by other people as it was thought to dilute his energy.  Read More.

3d64b12dc5ce14cd85347d84d88607cbCan a Security Company Be High Performance and Cost Effective?

WPG was asked to take over security on a large Beverly Hills estate where they were able to bring significant cost savings (-20%) while staffing with higher quality personnel in addition to replacing an aging electronic security system with a state of the art automated solution.  Read More.