3 Day Advanced Training Course for:

Detail Leadership, Protective Intelligence & Advanced Executive Protection

This (3) day WPG Advanced Executive Protection Course was designed to greatly educate those in the protection industry with the latest cutting edge technology and practically applied techniques to enhance the safety of a client and improve the overall function and survivability of an executive protective team.

course_inforegnowBelow are the three major areas that are overlooked, misunderstood, not known of, and as a result, not included in most current executive protection training school curriculums.

Advanced Executive Protection Concepts:

Learning to work smarter and not harder should be the goal of every executive protection detail. Many schools teach the tactical theory of a four to six person detail, when more often than not; most details consist of one or two persons at the most. In order to get the same job done with fewer people; certain factors must be taken into consideration. What a team may lack in manpower – WPG will teach that it can be made up with the use of the latest technology and networking to expand the overall function of the detail.

Detail Leadership Development:

The most critical of all positions on a protective detail is the detail leader. The detail leader sets the tone for the rest of the detail. Just possessing the title “detail leader” does not qualify a person to successfully nor safely run a detail to its maximum potential. This course will focus on developing a person to become a successful detail leader and equipping him / her with the necessary tools and knowledge to manage and run an efficient executive protection detail.

Protective Intelligence:

Protective Intelligence is without question the most important aspect of running a safe and successful executive protection detail, yet, it is an area that is ignored, left out, misunderstood or very little known about. Protective Intelligence keeps the attacker one step behind, and a protective detail one step ahead of a potential or planned attack. WPG uses and has access to the most cutting edge intelligence technology which simultaneously collects and analyzes 55,000 bits of real time intelligence information from open source networks which has the potential to diametrically increase the chances of success on any protection detail.