WPG Mobile Training Unit

In addition to our LA-based course, we have a mobile training unit that brings custom designed courses to Corporate Security Groups who may wish to further their knowledge in this area. The World Protection Group will provide 3-days of Executive Protection Training involving classroom technique (80%) and practical exercises (20%) – or whatever balance you choose. The objective is to create a consistent body of knowledge around the area of Executive Protection within the Security management team who has a diverse set of backgrounds. The course will focus on Executive Protection techniques based on the U.S. Secret Service-way of providing protection and will specifically address international travel safety, large international events, small high profile events in various risk scenarios (high, medium, low). The class will be team-taught by two instructors who bring diverse strengths and experiences to the training. But also create a good dynamic in the classroom and break up the monotony of a single speaker during the course of an 8-10 hour day.

The class will primarily focus on classroom technique but will weave in 2-3 hours of practical exercises over the course of the three days, which in addition to cementing some of the techniques also helps for teambuilding. Finally The World Protection Group training programs include custom designed training curriculum for in-house security teams that require annual training or where the client wishes to bring the team to the next level in terms of expertise and state of the art knowledge in preventative protection.