2- Day Protective Intelligence Training

The World Protection Group, Inc. (WPG) is an intelligence-based Executive Protection and Threat Management Company devoted to the analysis and circumvention of threats through Protective Intelligence.

The key to any comprehensive security program is “Protective Intelligence” and WPG offers a 3-day Protective Intelligence Training program that will combine institutional techniques, instructions and practical exercises.  The class will primarily focus on providing fundamental intelligence techniques for Executive Protection Agents, Law Enforcement and Security Professionals to proactively identify, assess and manage threats and the vulnerabilities associated with them. Furthermore, the class will delve into how to build a complete protection program by implementing protective intelligence tasks, conducting threat assessments and mitigating risks.

This training will show you how high technology is transforming Protective Intelligence in the Twenty-First century.LineBreak

The World Protection Group offers a 2-Day Protective Intelligence Training that will enable Executive Protective Agents, Law Enforcement and Security Professionals to develop their skills and advance to the next level of expertise and state of the art knowledge in protective intelligence.
  • Using Intelligence when Conducting Threat Assessments
  • Setting up a Human Intelligence Unit
  • Utilizing Law Enforcement & Private Databases
  • Collecting Open Source Intelligence
  • Writing & Analyzing Intelligence Reports
  • Disrupting the Attack Cycle through Intelligence
  • Learning to Use Protective Intelligence in Every Protective Detail
  • Utilizing a state of the art intelligence system (gThira) that analyzes 55,000 live feeds from around the world
  • Connecting a Vulnerability/Risk Assessment to Real Time Intelligence
  • Implementing the Intelligence Cycle
  • Applying Technical Operations and Equipment
  • Participating in Practical Real-World Exercises
  • Conducting Satellite Intelligence