When you are dealing with security threats or physical threats, you never want to take them on yourself, especially in the workplace. Only experienced security professionals can manage risks effectively to make sure you are safe and protected. When we manage a threat, there are different components of people that make up the threat management team.

A psychologist or psychiatrist that specializes in managing threats

Not all psychiatrists or psychologists are qualified to be on the team. It should only be those who have specialized training in threat management.

Human Resources

When a threat happens on the job, HR will play a huge role in letting us know about that specific person. They will also have input in the management of the threat and what to do within a company to handle this unacceptable behavior the person is exhibiting.


If it comes to this, we need to make sure to have legal correspondence with the individual if required and let them know certain information. This could be in the form of a cease and desist letter or that we are contemplating a restraining order.  It also could be a written document informing the person their behavior is unacceptable.

Outside Law Enforcement

If threats meet the threshold of violating penal codes, that is when we will get law enforcement involved to make an arrest potentially.  In some cases, threats may reach the threshold to bring in law enforcement, but that may not merely be enough.

Security and Investigators

Investigators will help us understand the threat and look at any past behavior that has caused issues for the person making the threat. They will also help us dig into the individual’s background so that we can assess the danger level and come up with a plan.  24/7 Protection should be considered of the individual and may be part of management the threat.

Threat Assessment

The team of professionals works together to do a threat assessment. After the investigation is complete, we look at all of the inappropriate correspondence, and then the psychologist will help us determine the level of dangerousness. That will then help us plan how to manage the threat most effectively.

What Happens When a Death Threat is Made?

After a threat is made, we contact local law enforcement or the FBI if it is a federal offense. Unfortunately, after evidence is turned over to the police, it could take months until an arrest is made, and there may not even be one at all. Law enforcement works on multiple cases at one time. Because of this, your threat may not be at the top of their priority list, and they may not be able to act under the law until the threat becomes a reality.

However, your safety is at the top of our priority list. From the moment we begin the investigation and turning over any information with the local law enforcement, the rest of the team makes threat management decisions.

How we protect individuals from threats is done on a case-by-case basis. We don’t have one set plan for vip security against threats because there are so many different types of threats that could happen. Our clients are our number one priority. We make sure to develop a plan that not only protects them but allows them to continue to manage their busy lifestyles.  Threat management has to be 100% proactive and preventative. No security firm should have ever have any incident where the client is injured or killed.