Summary: The World Protection Group was contacted by a Forbes 400 family to provide a quote on round-the-clock security at their Southern California home. Prior to providing a quote, the World Protection Group consulted extensively with the Family Office and the on-site Security Director (at no charge) to assess what was currently in place and what improvements they wanted or needed to make to their security program.  We were able to recommend improvements to their security procedures that improved security, decreased risk, and lowered costs.

Detailed Description:   This assessment included a review of:

  • Medical: On-site medical equipment [e.g. first aid kits, automated external defibrillators] and medical procedures (copy of health insurance cards, list of preferred hospitals).
  • Disaster: Plans and equipment for events such as earthquakes, kidnapping, bomb threats, crisis
  • Communication: Policies and equipment for communication including encryption, caller ID, availability of radio communication
  • Electronic Devices: Equipment such as cameras, lighting, monitors, duress alarms and procedures and policies to leverage the
  • Vehicle: Safety equipment in all vehicles to include jumper cables, flashlights, gloves,
  • Protective Intelligence: Information which allows the security company to maintain security around the Family via information gathering and management of potential This would include: names of frequent guests and visitors to the home; addresses of frequent locations visited by the Family including schools, offices, recreation centers, preferred restaurants; pictures of all family employees, their schedule and make/ model and license of their vehicle; review of any inappropriate correspondence.

Following our assessment we were able to determine a threat level for the family and home and make a recommendation on the type and quantity of security personnel required.

WPG determined that while the family was in need of a robust set of ‘post orders’ or policies and procedures to serve as their security guideline, there was no need to have ultra highly-skilled, armed executive protection agents on the property. While these agents are well worth the money in high risk zones around the world or in the case of a  high threat level domestically, they can be very expensive for estate work. Rather, we proposed our security agents who have 100+ hours of training and all come from military backgrounds, many with protection experience while in the Service. These agents are physically fit, communicate well and are trained in the latest tactics.

Prior to our assessment, the client had a security staff made up of Navy Seals. This was both costly and ineffective. Navy Seals are looking for action – where security work should be a boring job.  If the planning is done correctly, nothing should happen.

We were able to reduce the client’s security cost by 33% by investing some time up-front to write a strong security program and then placing appropriate-level agents on the property. The client is pleased with the results and has not had any issues over the past 16 months that might have compromised the family’s security.