3-Day Corporate Security Training Program

The World Protection Group, Inc. (WPG) will provide 3 days of Executive Protection Training involving classroom technique (80%) and practical exercises (20%).  The objective is to create a consistent body of knowledge around the area of Executive Protection within the security management team. The course will focus on Executive Protection techniques based on the U.S. Secret Service-method of providing protection and will specifically address international travel safety, large international events, and small high profile events in various risk scenarios (high, medium, low).

The class will primarily focus on institutional techniques that will integrate in 2-3 hours of practical exercises over the course of the three days. In addition, the methods will further integrate support for team-building engagements.

3 Day Sample Outline

Below is an example of a training session given to a Fortune 500 company’s security team. Please note that all training is tailored to the requirements of the individual company/clients.

Day 1
9:00  Welcome, Introductions, Program Overview
9:30  Protective Detail Operations Overview
10:30  Executive Protection Gear and Equipment
11:30  The Components of an Executive Protection Detail
12:00  Lunch
13:00  Protective Advances & Practical Exercise
15:00  Protective Formations & Practical Exercise
18:00  Adjourned
Day 2
13:00  The Bad Guys’ Mode Of Operation
14:00  Assassination & Kidnapping Studies
15:30  Surveillance, Counter Surveillance & Surveillance Recognition on Protection Details
17:00  Counterrorist Driving & Vehicle Operations (Theory Only)
18:00  Access Control Systems
18:30  Post Assignments
19:00  Special Event Operations
20:00  Adjourned
Day 3
9:00  International Travel Security Program – Best Practices
10:30  Running One or Multiple Protection Details within a large Special Event
12:00  Lunch
13:00  Emergency/Contingency – Planning and Response Procedures
14:00  Executive Protection Exercise: One team Corporate Security/One team Contract EP Company
16:00  Medical Procedures
17:00  Operational Terrorism Awareness & Weapons of Mass Destruction
19:00  Adjourned

The Practical Exercises may vary in hours and length. They can be a used as a 15-minute ‘stretch’ break or they can last 1-2 hours. WPG can also add material or delve deeper in selected area to extend the training. There will be no impact on the fee, which is calculated as a daily rate.

Trainer Bios

Kent Moyer, President and CEO:
Mr. Kent Moyer is responsible in strategically planning the growth of The World Protection Group, Inc. He actively works with clients and security personnel to incorporate philosophy of proactive, preventative security and attention to customer service. Mr. Moyer is a respected authority on executive protection and managed hundreds of threat cases for high profile corporate and individual clients.

Mr. Moyer has accumulated over 2,000 hours of training in executive and dignitary protection and has logged thousands of hours of practical field protection details. He is a graduate of the Executive Security Institute (ESI) with a degree in Criminal Justice and the Executive Protection Institute – both credited executive protection academies recommended by the FBI and U.S. Secret Service.

Also, certified by the FBI as a law enforcement firearms instructor, a graduate of the National Law Enforcement Training Center (NLETC), and the Los Angeles and Orange County Sheriff’s Academy. In 2003, he was recognized as the Deputy Sheriff of the Year for the Diplomatic Protection Unit (DPU) for a local sheriff department where he currently serves as its training officer and a member of the Dignitary Protection Unit.

Mr. Moyer is an active author and speaker on security and security-related topics and is a member of many professional security and law enforcement organizations including: ASIS International, Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP), California Association of Licensed Security Guard Agencies & Associates (CALSAGA), California Reserve Peace Officers Association, Orange County Peace Officers Association and the International Association for Counterterrorism.