What does the “Wow Factor” Mean when it Comes to Security?

From Kent Moyer, CEO of the World Protection Group:

“Wow this is amazing!” is something we always want to hear from the World Protection Group clients every day. To achieve this, we need to know what the WOW factor is, what it comprises and how to deliver it. Simple enough, a WOW factor means a quality and feature that is extremely impressive. In the Executive Protection field, it is critical to not only satisfy clients’ needs, but also make them feel impressed and leave a lasting footprint on them.

Kent Moyer, the CEO of WPG always says, “Anticipate the needs of the […]

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We are excited to announce that The World Protection Group and Kent Moyer were featured in a segment on ABC Nightline this past Friday evening which focused on personnel security for celebrities and VIPs.

The segment features WPG on security detail in Hollywood, an extensive interview with Kent Moyer and a look at our Executive Protection Training Academy.

Hollywood’s Bodyguards: Inside the World of Celebrity Security Detail

From Oscar contenders to Lady […]

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LA Confidential – The Bodyguard: Securing Celebs in the Information Age

LA Confidential Magazine understands celebrities, and their vulnerabilities and risks with respect to their security.  WPG’s, Sarah McNeilly is featured in this excellent article on the challenges of security for celebrities and high-profile individuals in the information age. […]

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Mother Jones: Cover Your Assets

The Primary, tall and flinty with a graying goatee, has decided he’s in the mood for shopping, a development that s got David Perez all worked up. I’m sitting with Perez in a Chevy Silverado in downtown Santa Monica. A fit ex-Marine, Perez is in charge of the Primary’s six-man protection detail. For 20 minutes, we’ve been waiting around in a grocery store parking lot, but now the Primary has parked his Porsche 911 Carrera at a shopping strip nearly a mile away. Though Perez already has three “countersurveillance” experts on the scene, he’s antsy to join them. His client […]

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Profile Magazine: Protecting Corporate Assets

Profile Magazine interviewed WPG President/CEO, Kent Moyer, in an article titled “Protecting Corporate Assets: Kent Moyer’s Risk-Assessment Skills Keep Clients Secure.” In the article, Moyer emphasizes that the role of Executive Protection is not about carrying guns or fighting, but the advance work and training that goes into preventing a situation.

To read the full article, click on the link .


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