Drones in Executive Protection

LA Confidential interviews Kent Moyer – CEO of The World Protection Group and 001 (WPG & 001)

I have never felt like a security person. I always thought I was a security artist. – KENT MOYER

Today we are speaking with world-acclaimed security and Executive Protection expert Kent Moyer, CEO of The World Protection Group and 001 (WPG & 001).


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First Security Firm to Receive FAA Drone Waiver to Fly Over People

Kent Moyer, Acclaimed Executive Protection Expert, is the first security firm that has received an FAA Drone wavier to fly over top of people

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 12, 2019, / — Kent Moyer, CEO and President of the World Protection Group & 001, was informed by the FAA they have received a waiver to fly over Non-Participants wavier. They also have a night wavier to fly operations at night.   

Kent Moyer received his drone training from Dart Drones and has completed their Professional Pilot, Wings Program, TOP Operator program level one. He is an instrument-rated […]

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LA Confidential Interview: Everything A-List

LA Confidential Mag - Apr 2017Today, we are speaking with acclaimed security expert and renowned executive protection mogul, Kent Moyer, CEO of The World Protection Group, Inc. & 001. When it comes to protecting high net-worth individuals and celebrity clients, Kent Moyer has got the 411 on everything A-list.

LA CONFIDENTIAL: Kent, can you tell me a bit about your background?

KENT MOYER: My first job in this industry was working for Playboy, protecting Mr. Hugh Hefner and his family at the Playboy Mansion. Today, I am CEO of The World Protection Group and […]

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The Modern Samurai Who Safeguards The Rich & Famous

In this occasional series, OZY takes to streets and neighborhoods across the globe to ask a simple question: “How was your day?”

Kent Moyer
Los Angeles

My day was pretty good, I’m up early — at 5, no later than 5:30 — and in an office way before everybody else. I’m in law enforcement and I work intelligence. The first thing in the day, I check intel from the night before and from that morning.

We’re unique. We handle a lot of rich and famous clients, from dignitaries to celebrities. It’s very important to be confidential and set up an entire system to protect […]

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CEO Kent Moyer Quoted in Wired: Security in Silicon Valley

PROMINENT SILICON VALLEY companies spend liberally to protect their intellectual property. Some also shell out considerable amounts to protect their executives. Apple’s most recent proxy statement, filed earlier this month, shows the company spent $310,000 on personal security for CEO Tim Cook. But that’s a fraction of other tech giants’ expenditures.

Amazon and Oracle spent about $1.6 million each in their most recent fiscal years to protect Jeff Bezos and Larry Ellison, respectively, according to documents filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. And Google’s parent company, Alphabet, laid out more than $600,000 protecting CEO Sundar Pichai and almost $300,000 […]

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Kent Moyer, Acclaimed Executive Protection Expert, Adds a Fleet of Drones and Pilots into The World Protection Group

“There are a number of alerts from various intelligence sources about active shooters and terrorism, and these attacks are not going to stop,” says World Protection Group CEO Kent Moyer.

The World Protection Group (and 001 Luxury Executive Protection) is the only executive protection firm currently using drones and supporting law enforcement in the use of drones. In this day and age, the usage of drones for public safety has been on a massive increase over the last couple of years. Last year, the drone market’s growth saw an increase of 36% and Goldman Sachs […]

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What does the “Wow Factor” Mean when it Comes to Security?

From Kent Moyer, CEO of the World Protection Group:

“Wow this is amazing!” is something we always want to hear from the World Protection Group clients every day. To achieve this, we need to know what the WOW factor is, what it comprises and how to deliver it. Simple enough, a WOW factor means a quality and feature that is extremely impressive. In the Executive Protection field, it is critical to not only satisfy clients’ needs, but also make them feel impressed and leave a lasting footprint on them.

Kent Moyer, the CEO of WPG always says, “Anticipate the needs of the […]

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