Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 11.34.39 AMBill Phillips is a nationally recognized security and safety professional with over 40 years corporate and consulting experience.  His unique background and experience provide him with expertise in all aspects of Risk/Threat Management, Continuity of Business/Contingency Planning, Security and Safety Management and Security Convergence.  Bill partners with clients who are seeking clear, innovative information, solutions and processes for their specific security and safety challenges and needs.

Prior to working with The World Protection Group, Bill led a global security and safety group for CNA Financial.  While there, he developed one of the first global universal access control systems, established and implemented a nationally recognized workplace violence prevention and armed threat response plan as well as a model risk identification, evaluation and ranking protocol.

With the global diversified agricultural giant, Continental Grain Co., he led the corporation’s response and actions to a major loss, built a dynamic security and safety process for operations in more than 40 countries including key personnel/ex pat protection.

A thought leader and innovator in security and safety, Bill has made presentations to professional, governmental and industry groups, serves on national standard committees, testified before Congressional committees and government agencies and lectures at universities and colleges.

With the World Protection Group, Bill provides clients with business and residence risk and threat evaluations, violence prevention and response training for client’s staff, develops plans for and oversees projects to improve security through security technology, develops emergency and contingency plans for business and events and advises clients on liability risk and steps to mitigate and/or control related risk.  Please contact us for other specialized services available from him.